The Waiting Game



Pankaj Kapur

Shahid Kapur, Sonam a Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak

The Plot
In rural Punjab, Harry (Shahid) falls in love with Aayat (Sonam), a ‘Kashmiran’. Then the nation becomes volatile and Aayat moves to Bombay and Harry joins the Air Force. Then for over a decade, they meet again and then again, and each time a tragic event in India tears them apart. There are the Bombay blasts, the Kargil war (including a plane failure) and the Godhra riots.

By Mona J

Stills from the film
Stills from the film

-2 For The Clark Kent-Ish cycling to beat the train! Too obvious a pilot.

-6 Because Throughout His Rural Life, Shahid looks and behaves like an urban brat, making all his lines sound ironic as if he is making fun of everybody else in the village.

+10 To Shahid And Sonam for the incredible chemistry they share. Good job, guys. And another two to Shahid for the one-armed wearing of the jacket.

-4 To The Absent Camaraderie. At any given point in the film, when there are more than two characters on screen, there is inevitable fail.

+4 To Shahid’s Relentless Stalking. In any other country, this behaviour would get a restraining order, except for Punjab in 1992. Damn cute.

+8 Because The Frames Are Very Pretty, Minus eight to dialogues like “Lagta hai toofan aanewala hai” at a plot point. Seriously?

-4 Because A Movie Set In The ’90s, doesn’t need to be made like it was being made in/for the ’90s!

-10 Because The Airbase And The Pilotry are obviously taken from Quentin Tarantino’s take on Top Gun from Sleep With Me (1994). Minus five for the pre-film apology for the lack of research.

+10 To The Super Romantic courtship scenes. Another eight for the face-to-face exchange of chits, the silent cup of tea and the pipes. Best rendezvous and date scenes in Hindi films. Ever.

-10 Because Penetration Of Internet And Tele-Communication, which grew parallelly in India between 1992-2003, has been happily ignored to keep the lovers apart and the story going.

+2 For The Post -9/11 ‘You’re Not The Khan We’re Looking For’ Line from a white cop, which in the movie universe implies they were looking for Shah Rukh ‘Rizwan’ Khan.

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