The truth that took three lives



MURDERED FOR: Exposing corruption worth 400 crore in his company, Malabar Cements Ltd in Palakkad. He was the prime witness and testified three times

Thufail PT

0N 24 JANUARY, Teena found the bodies of her husband V Sasindran and their two sons hanging in the house. A few hours before he died, he’d called Teena describing the meal he had cooked the boys. Teena does not believe the police version — that her ahimsa-following, former ashramvasi husband had killed his children and himself. Sasindran was the company secretary cum internal auditor of Malabar Cements Limited in Palakkad, Kerala. In 2007, when the Comptroller and Auditor General evaluated corruption of 400 crore in Malabar Cements, Sasindran was the prime witness. In 2009, he wrote to the chief minister and the vigilance director about the rampant corruption. After facing death threats and harassment at work, he resigned. In 2011, two evenings after the chargesheet of corruption was filed against Malabar Cements, Sasindran and the boys died. The CBI has refused to probe, citing a manpower crisis. “He lived as our schoolteacher father had taught him, by his conscience,” says his brother Sanalkumar, not discussing the price they’ve all paid.


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