The Tarun Sehrawat Award 2013

Photo : Arun Sehrawat
Photo : Arun Sehrawat

The Tarun Sehrawat Award for the year 2013 was given to Brijesh Singh and Rahul Kotiyal for reportage. And the award for Photography was given to Chandan Khanna, a freelance photojournalist.

The Tarun Sehrawat Award was initiated in 2012, in memory of Tarun Sehrawat, a young photojournalist who worked for TEHELKA and passed away after contracting cerebral malaria while on an assignment in the heart of the Maoist hinterland in Chhattisgarh. His courage, passion and skill made him rare among the journalists of our time. And it is in this remembrance that the idea of a Tarun Sehrawat Award for Journalism of Courage and Conscience was established.

The award aims to honour journalists, photographers, reporters, cameramen and videographers who capture injustice, inequity, dispossession and other social, cultural, economic and political faultlines in the country.

Winners are given a cash prize of Rs 1.5 lakhs and the award is announced each year at THiNK, Goa.

By Donna Mathew


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