‘The RSS is trying to do in Rajasthan what it has successfully done in Muzaffarnagar’

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Why should people vote for the Congress in Rajasthan?
That’s simple. The kind of work done by the Ashok Gehlot-led government in the state is unparalleled. Roads have been built, industry is on an upward trend and the Jaipur Metro is a reality. If we look at social sector schemes, the state has free education and healthcare, including diagnostic tests, widow pensions, old age pensions, etc. Special emphasis has been given to women and girl child-related schemes. We put the state on the road to progress and that is why the Congress will be voted back.

How do you explain the ministers in jail on the issue of crimes against women?
I think the entire episode is most unfortunate. But our government has not tried to sweep any issue under the carpet. It was the Congress government that ordered a CBI inquiry in one of the cases. In the other case, it was the state police, who booked the individual.

How would you counter charges that the Congress government has been communal? After all, there have been 46 communal riots in Rajasthan since the Congress took over.
It clearly shows that the Sangh Parivar and its affiliates are active in the state. The government has always acted and ensured that things don’t go out of hand. But you have to realise that it is the RSS and its thinking at work in the state. They tried this successfully in Muzaffarnagar and they keep trying it in Rajasthan also.

Many MLAs and MLA hopefuls feel neglected by Ashok Gehlot, and there is factionalism in the Congress. How will you counter the infighting in the party?
There is only one faction in Rajasthan and that is the Sonia-Rahul faction. All leaders stand united in the party. Yes, some people are slightly upset at certain things. But that does not mean they will not help the Congress win.

The BJP claims the Congress government in Rajasthan has taken the state back several years?
The problem with the BJP is that it never has a constructive plan in place. What it actually does is nullify all that the Congress government has done. It does not give credit to the government but uses the schemes started by that very government to its advantage. However, people can see through the BJP’s double standards. So this time too you will see the Congress will come back to power in the state.

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