Real reason why Grace Pinto’s Ryan school asked students, teachers to join BJP

Chairman of Ryan International, Grace Pinto
Chairman of Ryan International, Grace Pinto

In a rather unique way to accelerate Bharatiya Janata Party’s membership drive, a school in the national capital – Ryan International school – has officially espoused the BJP’s membership drive by urging its teaches and also students to enroll with the party. While the school management headed by Grace Pinto claims the drive is meant to be a voluntary one, teachers and students contacted by Tehelka say otherwise. Some teachers claim that their salary has been held back pending their joining the party.

 Apparently there is another angle in the school’s soft corner for the BJP and hence this membership drive. It has been learnt that the Chairman of Ryan International, Grace Pinto, was once trying to get closely with the the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and the congress functionaries when the earstwhile UPA government was in power. Ms Pinto was vying for the Padmasree award from UPA for her ‘educational contribution’ and also tried to lobby for a post for her husband as member of minority commission. The news that she has joined BJP now goes on to show that Ms Pinto is the ultimate opportunist. She now holds the post of General Secretary of Mahila Morcha and is eyeing a Rajya Sabha seat as a Christian Minority member.

 Meanwhile,  Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia condemned the Delhi-based school Ryan International for allegedly starting a membership drive for the Bharatiya Janata Party, promising to take strict action against the institute for forcing students into politics.

 “This is extremely dangerous. What is happening in schools? There can be nothing more dangerous than schools forcing students into politics. If there is some truth in the story we will take strict action. Students go to schools to study and make a career for themselves, not to join political parties,” Sisodia reportedly said.  Reacting to the news , Congress leader Manish Tewari said that the incident reflected the ‘saffronisation’ of education, calling for the cancellation of the school’s registration.

“A private school’s students, parents and the entire administration are being asked to become a specific political party’s member. This is an example of saffronisation of education. This school’s registration should be cancelled,” said Tewari.


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