The New Macbook: Slimmed Down Look, Slimmed Down Personality

The new Macbook


Along with the Apple Watch, Apple announced another major product at a press event on Monday – the Macbook. Even at first glance, it draws a critical study. The eyes run over the smooth metal, the gloss of its three colour variants, the unbelievable leanness…and then one notices the single port, the absent glow of the apple. It has left the public divided.

Apple has achieved the impossible feat of trimming the Macbook down further. It now serves at a wafer-thin 13.3mm. As if this 24% reduction in thickness wasn’t impressive enough, Apple has also managed to bring down the thickness of the keyboard by 34%. The device now weighs in just under one kilogram. There are no doubts about its portability.

Another significant aspect of the new Macbook is that Apple has equipped it with a 12-inch retina display – something sorely missed by Macbook Air users – boasting of a resolution of 2304×1440.

The touchpad has also been upgraded to what is now known as the Force Touch and has built-in pressure sensors. This allows the user to customize the touchpad to his or her preferences. The Force Press allows the touchpad to recognize longer presses and set those gestures to specific commands.

But has the aesthetic appeal come at the cost of performance? Unfortunately, yes. While the general specifications of the device, a 1.1 Ghz processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash storage are satisfactory, in terms of pure processing power, the new Macbook pales in comparison to its older siblings. This is down to the fact that Apple has decided to use the Intel Core M processor, a weaker unit that is typically used in tablets. The single port will also be a sore point.

The battery is expected to offer a lifespan of an entire day, or 9 hours of browsing and 10 hours of video playback.

The more affordable model of the new Macbook is priced at $1,299, approximately (Rs. 80000) while the 512 GB model is priced at $1,599, approximately (Rs. 1,00,000). While no date has been confirmed, Indians can expect the device to be available sometime very soon.


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