The Modi Card and the Muslim Ace


India’s Muslims, goes the conventional wisdom, are a votebank. That bank is now working aggressively towards becoming the central bank of Indian politics with a view to dominating its future political currency. If conversations, events and initiatives of the past four weeks are an indicator, Muslim social and political organisations as well as prominent Muslims have evolved a one-point agenda: to deny the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) strongman Narendra Modi a shot at becoming India’s prime minister after the 16th General Election that is due in a year. Their tactic: defeat the BJP and its potential allies in every Lok Sabha constituency where the Muslim vote can sway the result.

“Narendra Modi is the No. 1 enemy of India’s Muslims,” says Salman Hussain, a fiery Islamic scholar who teaches at one of India’s most influential Islamic seminaries, the 19th-century Darul Uloom Nadwatul, at Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. “If Modi becomes prime minister, more Muslims will be massacred, more mosques demolished.” While that may be rabble-rousing at its worst, there is no denying that the anti-Modi sentiment among India’s nearly 180 million Muslims has deepened since a cry went up in the BJP last month to name Modi the party’s top prospect for the Lok Sabha election.

“The BJP is fundamentally an anti- Muslim party and Modi proved that with his role in the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat,” says Arshad Madani, who leads a faction of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, an influential sociopolitical organisation of clerics. Five months after Modi became chief minister, more than 2,000 Muslims died in February-March 2002 in violence by Hindu zealots of the BJP-RSS after a train fire killed 57 Hindu passengers. “Muslims know that if the BJP comes to power, their troubles will worsen.”

Indeed, the chant of Modi-as-PM that shot up in decibels at an all-India meet of the BJP in New Delhi in early March set the cat among the pigeons. Until then, the Muslim electorate across India was widely disenchanted with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s United Progressive Alliance (UPA) for unkept promises in its nine-year-rule. They were miffed as the UPA has failed to introduce reservations for them in jobs and educational institutions, a pre-election promise. They were also angered by the sudden hanging in February of Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri who had been on death row for years after being convicted as a conspirator in the 2001 Parliament attack.

Muslim leaders have long slammed the Congress for what they see as its failure to improve the Muslims’ lot after a panel led by former Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajinder Sachar reported in 2006 that Muslims were one of India’s most neglected social groups in terms of education, employment, poverty and health.

Disappointment has also been rife among the Muslims at the refusal of the Congress-led UPA to declare the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), the premier Muslim educational institution set up in the 19th century, a minority institution as the Muslims have long demanded. “AMU had hoped Congress President Sonia Gandhi would make the announcement in her telephonic address at the university’s last convocation,” says political commentator Hafiz Nomani. “But she referred to such a major issue only in passing.”

But with Modi’s name to the fore, the foremost concern among Muslims now is to stop the BJP from returning to power in New Delhi at any cost.

The clamour for Modi has also upended efforts within the BJP to draw in Muslim support, chiefly through a Muslim-only ‘morcha’ under the aegis of its parent, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), as well as by Modi’s efforts in recent months to mollycoddle Muslim clerics as well as ordinary Muslims in his state to dust up his image. The demand for Modi so worried BJP stalwart LK Advani, who was the party’s prime ministerial candidate in 2009, that he had to caution his party at the March meeting that it will have to find ways to attract Muslim voters if it truly wants to regain power at the Centre.

“It is true that some Muslims have supported the BJP in recent years,” admits Qasim Rasool Ilyas, a functionary with the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, a 40-year-old community outfit that oversees the implementation of the civil laws. “By putting Modi forward, the BJP runs the risk of losing even that little support.”

From Lucknow in the north to Hyderabad in the south and Kolkata in the east, the dominant discourse among the Muslim community is as follows: coalition governments that have run India unbroken since 1996 will continue as the norm. Over the past 14 years, the BJP and the Congress party have led two coalition governments each. Whichever of the two parties wins more seats at the next General Election would team up with the floaters to notch a majority and form the government.

Except for those political parties that are direct opponents of the Congress in their regions and would, therefore, never join hands with it, or the Communists who would never pair up with the Hindu sectarian BJP, all other regional parties are capable of going either way. Hence, Muslims should vote against the BJP, its allies and the fence-sitters who fail to unequivocally clarify before the elections that they would have no truck with the BJP.

“Wherever a party’s relationship with the BJP is suspect, it would lose the Muslim vote,” says psephologist Yogendra Yadav, who has joined the recently launched anti-corruption Aam Aadmi Party. Says Ilyas: “The Muslim is no more attached to any one party. He now votes tactically to defeat the BJP and this is how it will be in 2014.”

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, a social and cultural outfit of which Ilyas has been a member for decades, is currently preparing an extensive advisory to guide Muslim voters across most of the Lok Sabha’s 543 constituencies. It will be released before the next elections to help Muslim voters decide the best way to utilise their vote in defeating the BJP and its allies. Jamaat volunteers and its affiliate outfits, such as its student, women and youth wings, would be pressed into disseminating the message among Muslims so that “secular” candidates may enter the Lok Sabha.

Several other organisations, such as the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, a body of Muslim intellectuals, too, plan to release similar guides on supporting “secular” candidates. “We aim to educate the Muslim voters on the best candidate in their constituency who is secular,” says Mushawarat chief Zafarul Islam Khan.

Elsewhere, efforts have been launched by scholar Salman Hussain of Lucknow along with Lok Sabha MP Badruddin Ajmal from Assam, whose fledgling political party, the All India United Democratic Front, has made rapid strides in that state. The two have now called a meeting in Delhi where they aim to assemble disparate elements from smaller Muslim political outfits to chart out a common strategy, much like Hussain had tried in the 2012 Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, to little success.

Muslim leaders reckon the community’s vote can make and unmake pretenders to 100-150 Lok Sabha seats. These seats are not to be confused with those that Muslims win. Today, there are only 30 Muslims in the Lok Sabha, just 5.5 percent of its 543 seats. As per the 2011 Census, Muslims are nearly 15 percent of India’s 1.2 billion people. But although Muslims in the Lok Sabha are barely a third of their share in the population, their arc of electoral influence is far greater. In 35 seats, they number around one in three voters or more. In 38 other seats, Muslims are 21-30 percent of the electorate. If the 145 seats where they are 11-20 percent are added to this, Muslim voters have the ability to influence the outcome in a whopping 218 seats.

‘Muslims have woken up. Those who have always opposed the Muslims are now saying they can’t imagine taking power in Delhi without the support of Muslims’ Arshad Madani President, Jamiat Ulema-E-Hind

Ironically, until now, the Muslim vote has been most effective where it is around 10 percent of the electorate, big enough to sway the result in a multi-cornered contest by going all in for a single candidate, but too small to raise alarm in the BJP or its allies to trigger attempts at a counter-polarisation of non-Muslim votes. On the other hand, wherever their numbers are 20 percent and above, Muslim votes have mostly been ineffective because of a multiplicity of Muslim candidates divvying up their support, often handing victory to the BJP on a platter.

“The challenge before the Muslim community is to make sure it votes as a block for a single candidate even if multiple Muslim candidates are in the fray on a given seat,” says Yashwant Deshmukh, who has run opinion polls in national and state elections across India for two decades.

Muslims have shortlisted Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal as their key battleground states because their results would most impact who leads the next government: the Congress or the BJP. Next in importance for the Muslims are Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra and Karnataka, where the more seats in the kitty of the Congress the less likely would be the BJP’s chances to form the government. Indeed, the selection of the primary battleground states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is based on their experience of coalition politics since 1998, when the BJP formed its first stable national government heading a multi-party coalition with Atal Bihari Vajpayee as prime minister. The key to the BJP’s victories in the 1998 and 1999 Lok Sabha elections lay in its wins in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. These back-to-back victories jolted the Muslims, who are around 20 percent in these states’ overall population.

Chastened, the Muslims voted tactically in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the 2004 Lok Sabha election, giving the BJP fewer seats and bringing the UPA to power. Although the BJP did better in 2009 in Bihar due to its alliance with Janata Dal (United), which virtually wiped out Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal, it still fared poorly in Uttar Pradesh, thanks to the voting by Muslims there that gave the UPA a second term.

Indeed, the Muslim vote has dictated the last two poll cycles in Uttar Pradesh. In the 2007 Assembly polls, Muslims massed behind the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), giving it a clear majority, ending 15 years of unstable coalition politics. In 2012, Muslims deserted the BSP leader, Chief Minister Mayawati, turning to the Samajwadi Party (SP) and providing it with a majority. “Eight out of 10 Muslims voted for the SP,” says Rajya Sabha MP Mohammad Adeeb from Uttar Pradesh, an independent who campaigned with SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav last year, but now accuses him of turning his back on the Muslims. “They won because of the Muslims.”

That no political party can take the Muslim vote in Uttar Pradesh for granted is clear from their divergent patterns of voting for the Lok Sabha and the Assembly polls. Despite backing a clear-cut winner in the 2007 Assembly election, the Muslim voters showed another hand in the 2009 Lok Sabha election, dividing their allegiance roughly equally among the SP, the Congress and the BSP, depending on who was strongest to beat the BJP, which then crashed to the bottom of the heap.

Until Modi’s name suddenly leapfrogged to the headlines in March as a prime ministerial contender, political watchers were generally of the view that the failures of the UPA at the Centre and of the one-year-old SP in Uttar Pradesh would benefit the BSP at the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

‘Muslim politics is undergoing a very progressive paradigm shift reflected at multiple levels where they are not hostage to any one political party. Now they have multiple choices’ Yogendra Yadav Psephologist

Muslims leaders say Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the eldest son of Mulayam, has failed their community, which comprises a whopping 40 million of the state’s nearly 200 million people. Dozens of incidents of sectarian violence have caused a loss of Muslim life and property across Uttar Pradesh. While the SP promised to free Muslim youths arrested earlier for their alleged roles in terror plots, no such action has yet been taken. The state government has also stonewalled calls to disclose the contents of an independent inquiry it commissioned into the disputed arrests of the youths.

“This government (of Akhilesh Yadav) is refusing to govern,” says Maulana Zulfikar, a cleric connected with India’s most influential Islamic seminary of Darul Uloom at Deoband near Muzaffarnagar city in west Uttar Pradesh. Muslims are also angry with Akhilesh as he has failed to nominate heads for statutory organisations that cater to the Muslims, such as the Minorities Commission, the Urdu Academy and the Sunni Central Waqf Board, which administers the massive properties deemed to be jointly owned by the Sunni Muslims in the state. This might drive them to the Congress party, especially if Modi is a prime ministerial candidate, says Zulfikar.

Abdul Bari, a veteran of the Jamaat-e-Islami, is candid: “Muslims are dominant in over 36 Lok Sabha constituencies in east and west Uttar Pradesh. They will explore alternatives to the SP.”

And yet, there is grudging acceptance that with Modi as a frontrunner, Muslims can’t move away from either the Congress or the SP. “It’s no longer a secret that Modi is the BJP’s PM candidate,” says Abdul Khalik, a retired bureaucrat in Lucknow. “Muslims may be unhappy with the Congress but they have no other option to vote for.” Indeed, both the Congress and the SP now believe they are in the play for Muslim votes once again, as BSP’s Mayawati has a history of tying up with the BJP.

In just two weeks in March, four public meetings focussing exclusively on the Muslims were called at Lucknow, three of them bringing out tens of thousands of Muslims on the streets. While one meeting, on 2 March, was directly called by Mulayam, he also occupied centrestage at another rally that Arshad Madani of Jamiat Ulema- e-Hind called on 17 March.

On the same day, the Congress party’s Muslim face, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, who hails from Uttar Pradesh and once headed the party’s state unit, descended on Lucknow at a town hall sort of meeting with Muslims, exhorting them to break free from the SP’s grip. Earlier, on 3 March, MP Adeeb led a huge rally of Muslims jointly with the Communists to demand that Muslims arrested in terror cases be released. “Muslims in Uttar Pradesh have the capacity to make and unmake national governments,” he says. At that rally, the Muslims hooted Ashok Vajpayee, the SP candidate from Lucknow for the 2014 polls, and refused to let him speak.

‘Muslims want to come out of fear and the choice of Modi will drive them towards the Congress even though the Congress, too, has done nothing for them’, Mohammad Adeeb Rajya Sabha MP

Of the 80 Lok Sabha constituencies in Uttar Pradesh, Muslims number over 20 percent of the electorate in two dozen seats in west Uttar Pradesh, including Bareilly, Badaun, Pilibhit, Rampur, Sambhal, Amroha, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Bijnor, Amroha and Moradabad. In east Uttar Pradesh, Muslims play a decisive role in at least eight seats — Azamgarh, Bahraich, Gonda, Srawasti, Varanasi, Domariyaganj, Gonda and Balrampur.

The various Muslim outfits are now in a dialogue with each other to ensure that the experience of Azamgarh in 2009 is not repeated. At that time, a chunk of the Muslim votes, which are nearly 13 percent for that seat, was eaten away by a fledgling Muslim outfit named Ulema Council, leading to a win by the BJP. Now an influential section of the Muslims is making efforts to rally support for the SP. Says Salman Khan, a leader of the Azamgarh traders’ association: “If the BJP projects Modi as PM, it would lead to a sectarian polarisation.” Two other candidates that the Ulema Council fielded in 2009 ate away Muslim votes in Lalganj and Jaunpur.

That a fight between the Congress and the SP may actually benefit the BJP is worrying Muslims a lot in a constituency named Domariyaganj that borders Nepal. It is currently held by Congress’ Jagdambika Pal. The SP has named Assembly Speaker Mata Prasad Pandey to take him on. Troubled Muslim religious leaders have held several meetings to decide whom to support. “Modi is the most talked about issue here among the Muslims,” says local businessman Malik Mohammed Shabbir. “He has to be stopped.”

In Bahraich in central Uttar Pradesh, where Muslims are over 30 percent of the electorate, they are weighing other options as the incumbent MP, Kamal Kishore of the Congress, who was once a commando detailed to protect former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, is considered to have frittered his political capital.

In Bareilly in west Uttar Pradesh, where Muslims are 34 percent, a new Muslim political outfit floated by the brother of the most influential Muslim in the region, the caretaker of a centuries’ old Sufi mausoleum, is causing trepidation among those who don’t want to see BJP strongman Santosh Gangwar recapture a constituency he lost in 2009 after five straight wins since 1991. The toss-up for the Muslims here is between the Congress and the SP, which has given the ticket to a greenhorn named Ayesha Begum, the daughter-in-law of Taukeer Raja Khan, the man behind the new Muslim political outfit.

In states other than Uttar Pradesh where the Muslim voters may be willing to go against the Congress, Modi is haemorrhaging support from the allies of the BJP. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has crafted a political miracle by fetching up Muslim votes even for the BJP because it was aligned with him in two Assembly elections. In the 2009 Lok Sabha election, his JD(U) won 20 of the state’s 40 seats and the BJP 12. But his aversion to Modi’s name is now legion. Says Yogendra Yadav: “For three years, Nitish has been telling the Muslims of his state that ‘when you vote for me, you vote for me’.” Adds MP Adeeb: “Nitish knows that if he backs Modi, the Muslim voters in Bihar will quickly move en masse to Lalu.”

Indeed, Yogendra Yadav believes that West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, too, would need to clarify her position on the possibility of backing the BJP in forming the next government at the Centre to her state’s 27 percent Muslim population. “She will have to do something before the Lok Sabha election, which would make her position clear vis-à-vis Modi,” he says. The Muslim voters’ disenchantment with the 34-year Communist rule contributed in no small measure to bringing Banerjee to power in the state in 2011.

For the same reason, Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik, once a BJP partner, and former Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu, who was a kingmaker in the BJP-led coalition government of 1999 but has been in political wilderness since losing power in the state in 2004, are keeping miles away from the BJP.

“Although the BJP has no presence in Andhra Pradesh, no party here can dare to openly align with it now that Modi’s name has come up,” says Zahid Ali Khan of Hyderabad, a veteran activist and editor of a leading Urdu daily newspaper, Siyasat.

That, in effect, is true of virtually all political parties in the country wherever the Muslim votes count. The sprawling residence of India’s prime minister at New Delhi’s upscale 7, Race Course Road, may well turn out so near and yet so far for Narendra Modi.

With inputs from Virendra Nath Bhatt in Lucknow, Imran Khan in Bengaluru and Ratnadip Choudhury in Guwahati

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  1. So when a “Train fire” killed 57 Hindus, Hindu Zealots went ahead and killed 2000 muslims.
    If this is true then why are some of the congress party members in Godhra are behind bars? are you saying Godhra was an accident and some innocents have been convicted.

    Stop this pseudo secularism.. you are ruining your future generations.

    • Even if it was done by some muslim fanatics nothing could justify killing of 2000 civilians by BJP/RSS goons…even more nothing can justify abetment of Narendra Modi in the roits. he maintained criminal silence when riots were going on.. justice would be to Charge Modi for his role in godhra riots and put him behind the bars

      • a do you have any proof that modi was involved in the killing if yes go to court and prove and get him hanged, if by that logic nehru was responsible for partition riots rajiv for sikh genocide and lets not be hypocrite regarding sikh genocide no court has found any evidence against modi so dont just taunt what the media says and tehelka hope you continue your nonsense work against modi

      • Mr. Zaid, Modi was no silent at all, he ordered shoot-at-sight orders, and controlled the riots in a record 3-day time, moreover 6000 Haj Pilgrims landed in Guj on the same day of riot, but none of them was even touched by any rioter

    • Where did you get the figure of 2000 Muslims? According to the UPA govt’s official figures 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Let us not unwittingly propagate wrong figures which Pakistan’s Musharraf used and has been used by the Pakistani and ISI’s propaganda and disinformation machine to whip up anti-India/anti-Hindu sentiment.

      • When the courts have ruled out Modi, why are we still trying to say ‘justice would have been to charge modi’…
        The only reason people are anti Modi, because he believes in India’s development. He is a fair person, he gives money making opportunities to everyone.
        The author (definitely paid by congress), wants reservations for Muslims, Modi wants empowerment of Indians so they are self reliant.
        Move on mr zaid, move on.. stop it, congress will not feed yr family, you have to work for yourself

  2. If Muslims can vote tactically why can’t Hindus. Ajit Sahi seem to be advocating communal theory in English. He will get the kudos from the chattering class and the nation last theorist. We Hindus must rise to this divisive politics propagated by Media. Let us vote as Indians and not as dalits, brahmins etc. this time just to show this writer what kind of lout he is.

    • This author is a perfect case of ‘paid media’ // ‘biased media’ … Don t worry, people will understand his ulterior motives

  3. Dear Author, Is this your statement or someone else said this – please clarify.
    “Except for those political parties that are direct opponents of the Congress in their regions and would, therefore, never join hands with it, or the Communists who would never pair up with the Hindu sectarian BJP, all other regional parties are capable of going either way. Hence, Muslims should vote against the BJP, its allies and the fence-sitters who fail to unequivocally clarify before the elections that they would have no truck with the BJP.”

  4. I wish to tell the more you torch a person and try to victimize him the stronger will he grow.If Muslims have decided to vote against Modi why did he win Election 3 times in a row???? Is this not a paid Media creation to hurle all sorts of false allegations against a Politician who has not been punished by any courts. you had legal recourse and u have failed to prove him.

  5. Really sad to see our learned muslim friends so dumb. I have stayed in Lucknow for 10 years, Allahabad for 10 years and have seen how our muslim brethrens are living in a particular area only and avoid coming out of there shelters teasons best known to them. In allahabad I was staying in Mehdauri Village mostly muslims celebrated Id diwali holi with them. No grudge about religion.
    But the so called fanatics who claim to be responsible to Islam religion can ever vouch why no riots during BJP in power in UP. Why Moharram passed of peacefully during BJP rule? Why no riots after 2002 in Ahmedabad, But 100+ riots in 365 days of SP’s rule in UP. Why Hyderabad riots congress in power.
    Problem is our friends always want to be in lime light and that is only possible if they are able to show their community in danger.
    Please stop accepting all free alms don’t become beggars and as Modi defined Secularism as INDIA FIRST you also accept that and am sure will benefit. Bukhari gave a statement withdrawing support to UP SP govt.
    Whether Modi or no Modi that is your voting right but think 10 times the secular candidate you are choosing is he really secular as India first to take all Indians with him.

    • yes Muslims are dumb when they voted Atal Bihari Vajpaee govt. What about Gujarat Riots, a planned genocide. Mr. Biswarup can you please answer a simple question. After Godhra train carnage, the dead bodies of Karsevaks where carried like a possession to Ahmadabad. and stopped in each village delivering hate speeches??? Is Mr. Narendra Modi is really DUMB? was he doesn’t know that this will leads to Riots.

      Ur shamelessly telling abt 100 riots. even in 100 riots 1000 peoples are not killed. but in 1 riot with in 2 days 2500 citizens are killed.

      wat a track record. two days 2000 innocent people.

      • Just see the SIT report. It says all the bodies were taken to a place called SOLA in the outskirts of A’bad. No procession was carried. Atleast believe in Supreme court oriented SIT and stop spreading lies.
        I also used to believe all this. Check out Modi’s Interview with Shahid Siddiqi and Compare everything that modi told with SIT report and then come to conclusion.

  6. does anybody read this magazine? i happened to reach here accidentally. Seems like a mouthpiece of a certain party. anyway i dont think Muslims are fooled by SG and her antics anymore. too bad if they havent seen the reality yet. but soon as they get better educated and once they start mingling with the other people of the country, they will reject the anti modi brigade.

  7. Ajit Sahi’s article doesn’t come across as a surprise as you can’t expect anything different from organization like All India United Democratic Front, political partner of Congress in Assam, which is actively engaged in posing a threat to national security by supporting illegal muslim immigrants from Bangladesh. Not sure if the opinions are representative for the entire community or only of the extremists on the fringes of Indian politics and a reflection of anti-Modi stand of the author & magazine.

    Also, as the article suggests, if the Muslim community as vote bank has been exercising such power and influence for decades and forming governments that they think are pro-muslim then why is the community still struggling with poverty and illiteracy. Aren’t their other factors at play apart from BJP or Modi, whose state has seen no riots post 2002 and where the voters of that state, including Muslims, have brought him back in power not once but twice after 2002 incident.

    Though I wonder how the author would have put it if similar narrow-minded tactics on the lines of religion and community were being followed up or endorsed by certain not so significant extremist Hindu organizations. –
    To what I can assess and understand from Sahi’s earlier articles author would have brandished entire community as bigots and endorsement would have been put across as a blot on the secular democracy of a great nation.

    Tehelka may be doing a wonderful job in exposing corruption and governance failures but their dislike of BJP is no secret and at times their articles stink of pseudo-secularism while being biased toward certain communities.

  8. This mullah & maulabhis like madani across India are destroying the very fabric of Hindustan.Why can’t they confine there religion to themselves,any religion is sole to individuals only but by asking fellow community to go against one party or by this matter Modi disguised as Islamist,they are just trying to provoke another Godhra like train massacare.My appeal to all muslim community is to stop this mullahas & Maulabhis in the premises of masjid only and not allow them to poke there bloody nose into other national,personal,family matter.Untill done Muslim community can never be getting themselves a good society like Hindus.

    • The biggest enemies of Muslims are not the BJP and Narendra Modi; Rather they are poverty and the rottenness of their community leadership.

      Just look at Hyderabad. The Old City area is controlled by the MIM. Even after decades of their Muslim representatives, what development have they brought to the constituency? Poverty and a high degree of unemployment stalk the Muslim community like an evil shadow.

      It is important that the Muslims of this nation realise that prosperity and a secure future are as much a byproduct of opportunity and hard work as they are of an able and inspirational leadership.

  9. Everybody says – including Muslims – that Muslim community is much poorer, less literate than fellow Hindus. Then how come suddenly they become so intelligent in choosing their candidates? After all a fool will be a fool no matter which religion he or she may belong!

  10. If muslims start this imagine if Hindus also started the same.And they will if this happnes they will face the worst then
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  12. If muslims continue to listen to nonsense and behave like a vote bank, as suggested in this article, they are encouraging hindus to behave similarly.

    If hindus do so, they can use their brute population size to get 2/3 majority and even amend constitution.

    Alternative is to have rotten, corrupt parties like congress, SP, DMK, RJD etc to rule India for ever.

  13. Dear Fellow Indians, I would says no Muslims will listen to Moulavis or any leader for the politics. But they are not dump and deaf. They also watching everyday politics. They know what to do. We take Mr Modi. Do you think is he right candidate? In what terms. Gujrat uplifted, is it? Sorry Gujrat’s Hindu peoples living area uplifted. Please go and visit Gujrat and tell me if I’m wrong. He is master mind in the Gujrat 2002 Massacre. He massacred because he want to get Hindu brothers vote. He accomplished. His victory is turining Gujratis to his Hindutva politics. If we handover his case to ICC (International Criminal Court, The Hague), there is no gurnatee that he will be set free. Just we take another candidate Mr Advani, no need to talk about his involvment number of riots and Babri Masji Demolition. Please stop going towards BJP. At the same time, I don’t recommend Congress. It is true that they never did anyting for Muslims. 60 to 70% of Congress leaders are pro-Hindutva minded people. So what Muslim can do. JOin with fellow Indian brothes, select a candidate , who is not corrupted , not religious extremist, not biased on any community. He must love the people of India, besides language, culture, religion, caste etc., etc., We handvoer the power to him, let us see whether all the Indians uplifted. Do we have a leader in any party like this.
    PS: I’m sorry fellow indians if I offended any one.

    • “International Criminal Court, The Hague” ??? Really ?? Great.

      Have you ever seen wat Supreme Court SIT found on Modis Role in riots?
      There were 4 enquiries. 1 by Guj Gov, one by CBI and 2 by SIT. Rmind you, CBI is Congress Bureau of Investigation. They have found NOTHING against Modi. That perception must be vanished.

      And, in Guj, 27*7 electricity –> U mean modi is selecting muslim homes and cutting down power supply to these homes? Is it?
      “Development for all, APPEASEMENT for None”. Dont expect any appeasement

  14. To move a level higher than this topic…is it not sad that even after 66 years of Independence we still think in terms of Muslim votes, Christian votes, Dalit votes and so on? We rarely seem to think about issues like good governance, jobs for all,national security, etc.

  15. Does someone really buy Tehelka magazine? How is it running without enough sale?

    Its by doing the ‘dalaali’ of 10 Janpath. So after reading this article,all i can say is> Nothing else could be expected from Tehelka. Congress has already filled Tehelka’s bank accounts to run Anti-Modi campaign continuously till 2014..same they did before Gujarat elections but couldn’t stop Modi..And same will happen in 2014. Modi is UNSTOPPABLE.

  16. Hindus should also unite and work as a vote bank to give crushing defeat to corrupt Congress regime ,and to lead India under Modi to faster economic development of the country.

    • NO Muslim in India or in the World is Anti Hindu . World Muslims are Anti Modi. It is because of the sserious reasons thet world knows. So please interpret the things how u want . Try to understand Mr Modi with an open heart ! How he is going to justify the massacre of 2000 human beings , either they are muslims or not . But they were Human Beings . We want a PM who can give justice to the Indians not only for a particlular community / religion.

      • some one ask me one question Sam i thought you are the right person to answer that ?(hope sooo)
        I still can’t figure out why in our country there is no one called Muslims in few hundred years back and we have almost 20 % of them..
        do you think they liked the Islam and converted to Islam ????
        If not why????????

        why do we ever talk about the atrocities done to common Hindus in Muslim rules??

        If our country is secular country why there is minority and majority Issue? why this deviation ??

        why we don’t talk about the unjustice done to common person(hindu) in Kashmir ??? is he is not a human ?

        have lot more if you can answer ….?

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    • Can you suggest the alternative we have ????

      to be honest i think the current government is in deep corruption?

      keeping a Hypothetical question in your mind that Modi is going to kill all the minorities in this country ?? may be not correct bec i see lot/some of muslims are supporting him in his own state
      are a better person to judge Modi than a Gujarati Muslim?

      what you mean by rational or secular person ??? then how do you think if the Indians are rational persons we are electing our prime minister based on dynasty
      (i think Fake Gandhi Name Family….)

  18. Look … There is no surprise here. The Muslims and Christians to a large extent have done this most of the time all during last 60 years. Communal polarization and disregard issues of development. The identity politics in Kerala, Assam, and in WBengal is common since independence. The only criteria for them is Shariat, Appeasement. For them Growth, Governance, Development are not issues.

    So no wonder Congress has been playing this communal game for the last 60 years: pitting religion against religion; caste against caste. We have seen hundreds of riots in AP, Maharastra, UP, Gujarat, Bihar mostly under Congress administration with the connivance of local Congress and deadly fanatic Muslim fundamentalists. Now we have riots in WBengal where Bengali Muslims and Bangalseshi muslims terminate Hindus in border districts both under CPM and Manata.

    Most of their fight is not for secular but for Islamic Identity. I hope Hindus wake up from caste considerations and support Modi as revenge but for Development, Governance and switch from Identity politics to Development politics.

  19. They want the congress since it will bend over backwards to their bullying , the BJP will not. The lesson of the Jaipur lit fest is not lost on right thinking Indians.

  20. how conveniently the report says that train fire killed 59 kar sevaks. Why don’t you say that Muslim set the train on fire. The whole article and the website itself is against Hindus in general and Modi in particular. Shame on you.

  21. Guys guys guys !!!!

    There are few things that we need to answer first:

    1. What are our objectives to chose a leader?
    2. Is our choice going to make any difference in our lives?
    3. Would the leader come from somewhere new? Or would it be from the same bunch of people(our favourite punchbags)?

    Now talking about the alternatives that we have:
    1. Rahul Gandhi
    2. Narendra Modi
    4. Mulayam Singh Yadav
    5. Jayalalitha
    6. Nitish Kumar
    7. Mamta Banerjee

    If we closely investigate the track records and study these people, I think it will not be difficult to zero out on a single choice……

  22. biased article from a stupid journalist……wont waste my time reading tehelka again….muslims rallying against modi…lol…muslims just wanna spread trouble and prevent development

  23. Most Muslims think of only themselves.Majority community,does not,largely think on those lines.Can you cite an instance where a Muslim has spoken for the majority community.They seem to live in a middle-age time warp. More changes/advancements have taken place in human history during the last thirty years or so than during the last 1500 years.Maulvis and madarsas have held them captive.They even declared Nobel leaureate Mohd. Abdus Salam as
    non-muslim and made him to leave Pakistan.More muslims die in sectarian violence than those of any other faith in Muslim countries.
    Surely,many would prefer to settle in US or Europe whom they otherwise describe as anti-Islam.Is there any country inhabited by majority muslims a secular democracy?Most of them seem to suffer from manufactured persecution mania. The ravages of muslim invaders in India is part of recorded history.
    Islam is a political system and looks down upon others as heathens.There of course are some perceptive muslims who have got themselves assimilated admirably in Indian culture. These are mainly devoted to the art,culture and humanistic pursuits in harmony with the eternal Indian values.
    Muslims should look up to personages like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,Aziz Premji,Yusuf Khwaja Hamied
    (of CIPLA),Bismillah Khan and like and draw inspiration from them.
    D C Joshi, Jaipur

    • Hi Mr D C Joshi, I think you are completely living on falise world just by looking anti-MUslim media. Please don’t talk about Religious scholars like Moulavis or Madrassas, they are pious people who lead the Muslim community in the correct path by feeding the fear of Almigtty Allah. They are most of the times talk about politics unless there is a necessity, Unlike Hindu scholars like Babu Ramdev kinds of people openly talk about politics. For your second question, So many Muslims running hospitals for poor and public service agencies. But ‘your’ media won’t caputre those. They did for the sake of God not for fame. Popular Front of India have conducting National day parade , Blodd donation camps and rural development etc., Please analyze those before writing some thing wrong info to the public. Don’t live in your own imaginery world brother. In my own viallage, we have a public fund. Mostly Dalits and poor the core of Indian nation benefitted by this fund than Muslims. Sorry in case I hurt you in anyway.

      • If there is one community on this planet that lives in a make believe imaginary world, full of lies and victimhood fears, and denial of their own mistakes and sins, and insistent on the violent protection of their backward, intolerant, anti-intellectual way of life, it is the muslim community.

        Everyone in the world is sick and tired of the Muslim problem. Everyone, everywhere. Which “media” should I not believe, the facts are well known and undeniable? Your religion itself is flawed at its core. In the modern world, there is no place for a religion that mixes politics and religion, that puts religion ahead of education. You people get your brains fried and twisted out of shape very early in life. There are lots of lies and stupid things in the Koran, but you refuse to fight against those things. Maybe a book doesn’t have all the answers to life’s complexity! Stop following one book like little children slapped by your Papa. Think for yourself! And walk away from your religion if your brain tells you it is not good for you or the world.

        I’m sorry for hurting your feelings, but the truth is often very painful. Your religion will need to change, or you will need to change your religion. Lots of non-Muslims convert – maybe a few of you all should try go the other way, and maybe new doors and entire worlds of possibilities will open up for you.

  24. when we can see your(Indian) journalism go beyond a level from community/caste/region/religion/language etc to Indian state ???

    i am 26 years now! can i see it in my life time ????

  25. This article is simply a propaganda of congress party. If godhra massacre was accident, then Indira’s death was also accident,not a murder. In 1984 about 4000 Sikh was killed by congress-man.Rajib Gandhi didn’t take action against d attacker.But paid intel actual n media called them secular . Now this country is rulled by some people who are d ghost of east India company. The article writer is a ‘Dallal’ of this force

  26. If muslims are voting for a muslim candidate they are not communal, if a hindu votes for Hindu he is communal what a logic. Why Hindus should not vote the way muslim vote for their agenda. Hindus need to wake up. I know Sahi for a long, I used to be a leftist a decade ago and had invited him to talk on Gujarat 2002 issue and he had all started blabbering….now when I see from the new perspective how shallow journos these are I feel, better late than never that I am an independent thinker.

    Sahi kinda people are vermins who survive on the corpses. If he did not have Modi he would be jobless…so in a way Modi is his employer!

  27. The more I read these kinds of opinions, the more stubborn and determined I get to reclaim the land of my ancestors from these descendants of our enemies. I will devote all of my money and knowledge and strength to elect Narendra Modi, just because I want to spite and make irrelevant all you rabid, conservative Muslims and your allies, who have run my nation into the ground. India today lies in ruins because of the policies promoted by the left and secular parties. It is time the right took charge and stopped this free fall into sub-African standards of living.

    You ate up my India, you destroyed the nation my beloved grandparents fought for for decades. I will make you pay for your sins, how dare you step into my home and threaten me and my family? How dare you tell me my way of life, given to me by my 4000 year old ancestors, is inferior? How dare you take advantage of my peaceful, tolerant beliefs? The great texts of Hinduism are about the fight for good over evil. By threatening Hindus and denying them their chosen leader in their own land, you are digging your own political graves.

    Modi 2014 – Vande Mataram!

  28. Reading the column I Think India will be parted in next 20 years because of these people. They are the same people who has parted India in 14 century and in 1947 as well. Mr Reporter should convert to Islam if he dos,t like Hindu. It will be better to him to under stand Muslim. Muslim has Invaded India So Many time, Kindly Reporter Tell me when any Hindu Has invaded India. I am sorry to say people like these create divide and it hurts. Modi Is hero and it will remain. If Muslim are trying that Modi is not to elected PM in 2014 then they are not Indian. They should go to pakistan or Somalia because Only Pakistan and Somalia is the only country in world where Muslim can go now. Whole of Europe are not accepting Muslim , Full North America is not accepting Muslim. Last Time I voted for Congress in General Election , and works about 1400 km away from my polling Booth. If Muslim are against Modi then we are against Muslim, and I will Definitely go 1400 km and vote for modi. Because it is question of My country, not Muslim country.

  29. The UNITED HINDU has become the real ACE. When you consolidate one side the other side counter reacts. Remember Newton’s third law of motion

  30. Because he is Indian first…so he needs to provide roads, water, jobs and electricity. We don’t want & care about any appeasement adabs and communal caps nonsense…Jobs, Jobs and Jobs…. do nahi to bhago yaha se…giving adabs is not job of politicians…


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