‘The Men Who Killed Gandhi, The Minds Behind It, Have Killed Dabholkar Too’

Prithviraj Chavan
Photo: Vijay Pandey

Narendra Dabholkar’s murder is a blot on the image of Maharashtra. Will the state wake up?

I will agree with you, it’s a serious blow to the progressive image of Maharashtra which we were so proud of. It has come as a shock to all of us. Narendra Dabholkar was a simple man with no political ambitions and no affiliations, whose only purpose was the service of society and social upliftment. He was fighting against blind faith superstition, himself being a doctor. I am outraged at the broad daylight murder of Dabholkar not just as the CM of the state, but also as an individual who held him in high regard. This is clearly the work of those people who carried a similar terrorist attack in 1948, unfortunately in the same city of Pune. The men who killed Gandhi, the minds behind it, have killed Dabholkar too.

So are you suggesting that the Sanatan Sanstha which had openly threatened Dabholkar is behind it?

See, it will be too early and irresponsible on my part to make a statement when the investigation is underway. I am told that Narendra Dabholkar had put on a tough fight to the wrongdoings by radical organisations in the state and at this point, logically the finger points towards them. But we will have to wait for a couple of days to come to a conclusion. However I would want to send a message to the country and the state that this heinous crime will not be tolerated and the culprits will be brought to book. They have attacked the secular fabric of this state and country

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DhabolkSanatan Sanstha’s blind faith and the state’s blinkered attitude

Since the last three years, I have had to make regular court appearances in a defamation case slapped against me and my editor Tarun Tejpal by the Sanatan Sanstha, the organisation which is now in the news over allegations on the murder of anti-superstition activist Narendra Dabholkar. The article in concern is this 2009 investigative piece on the Sanstha after it was chargesheeted by the Goa police for a blast that took place in Goa.

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Narendra-Dabholkar1Anti-Superstition Activist Shot Dead In Pune

Dabholkar was at the forefront of campaigns against superstition and also brought out several books on progressive thinking

One of Maharashtra’s most well-known rationalist thinkers and anti-superstition activist, Narendra Dabholkar was shot dead in . Dabholkar was on a morning walk when he was shot near the Omkareshwar Bridge in the city by gunmen on a motorcycle. He died in the Sassoon hospital.

Reacting to his murder, Maharashtra deputy CM said, “The incident is a blot on the state police and the government.”

“The investigation has been handed over to the  crime branch,” said Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil. “It is serious and I appeal to the people to keep calm.”

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