The Mane Attraction


The love affair between man and horse goes back a long time. In Mughal India, the horse was a symbol of wealth and power. In the West, even the horseshoe brought luck. History is replete with stories of adventure of kings and nawabs and their magnificent horses. In Tappal village of Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh, owning a horse is yet again being seen as the new status symbol. Kings and nawabs have been replaced by the nouveau riche landowners with a fascination for equestrian sports. The coveted four-legged animals come with different price tags, depending on their breed — a healthy, handsome specimen costs Rs 4-5 lakh. Here are some vignettes of Tappal’s October horse show.

• Beat it Horse trainer Ramesh Chandra Sharma urges his prize animal to perform while a folk tune blares in the background


Horsing around The trainers and their animals groove to “Meri chhatri ke neeche aja, Kuin bhege re Kamla khadi khadi”


Leg glance A colt prances for an appreciative rural gathering


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