The King who Lost his Kingdom

Alleged asassin Natesan has denied all the allegations levelled against him
Alleged asassin Natesan has denied all the allegations levelled against him

“What one does to satisfy his inner most soul should bring happiness to others too”

Let me begin by quoting these thought-provoking words of Sri Narayana Guru.

Almost a year ago, while I was visiting my native place, an old friend of mine conveyed the message that Mr. Vellapally Natesan, residing at Kanichukulangara, expressed desire to meet me once. As far as I knew, the general secretary of SNDP, Vellapally Natesan was a shrewd politician, even though everything come out of his mouth is pure idiocy.

However I don’t consider myself to be the right person to comment on Mr Vellapally who once claimed he would shave off half of his mustache if Mr. K.C. Venugopal and Mr. P.C. Vishnudas win the election from Alapuzha and Chengannur constituencies respectively. What saddens me is the fact that he talked all this rubbish while occupying the chair which used to be once occupied by great visionaries like Kumaranashan and R. Shankar. Hearing of his shenanigans, I was immediately been reminded of my ‘spot fixings’ days in the bar on whether water or soda is better to have with liquor.

Moving on, let’s get to what unfolded when I actually met Natesan Guru. He was alone at the reception hall. We spoke at length on a wide range of issues. Surprisingly, or should I say shockingly, that day I realised he had a very good rapport with all journalists from Kerala working in Delhi.

Among many other things, we spoke about how former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati, although coming from backward class, had now become one of the most respected women politician in India. “Hailing from an extremely backward class, she managed to win the battle of power with established systems in the country. Admitted that there are some scam cases against her,” I remember telling him.

“Right..! So you have interest in the issues of backward classes..?” he asked me.

“I believe in journalism, there are plenty of journalist who write for certain target groups (TGs). But in my case, I want to be the voice of voiceless,” I replied.

To be frank, i think he did not even understand what I was talking about. Later, he served me meal with special sardine curry.

After we finished the meal, he talked about SN Trust’s relationship with BJP . It didn’t take me much time to realize that he was willing to ally with BJP. I told him to not enter any tie-up of SNDP with BJP which doesn’t care for any backward class. As a man who has studied the issues of minorities and backward classes for the last twenty years, I had a lot to discuss with him regarding the issue.

Explaining the whole behind the curtain drama in the time of Mayawati, I warned him of the dangers ahead in case such an alliance came into play. But he wasn’t ready to reconsider. After his meeting with PM Modi, he completely transformed into a “seasoned” politician from a community leader. Soon I saw him making headlines when two prominent leaders from Alapuzha, VS and VM lashed out at him. What followed laid bare the dirty underbelly. Kerala witnessed the historical transition of this community leader from crusader to a crook (SN Trust), a scammer (micro finance), and a murderer (Shashwathikaananta Swamikal).

This journey ended with him standing like a king who lost his kingdom. Ultimately, he ended up in the BJP camp asking for a CBI probe into all cases he is involved in. Sir, since you have sold your soul to the devil having extended your ‘head’ to BJP camp, it is time for us to wait and see whether it would be turned to bald or not.

This time, I would advise, it will be better for you to remember those eye-opening words of Guru: “The human beings are the worst among all animals in limitless greed”.


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