The Katamine Overdose


The Plot
Kush (Ali) breaks up with long-term girlfriend Piyali (Tara) and asks Luv (Imran) to find him a dulhan because they have the same taste. Luv’s search ends at Dimple (Katrina), who once shared a special bond and cold tea with Luv. In Kush-Dimple’s chattmangni- patt-byaah situation, Luv and Dimple fall in love. The two brats then hatch devious plots to cancel the Kush-Dimple wedding.

By Mona J

Ali Abbas Zafar
Imran khan, Ali Zafar, Katrina Kaif, Tara D ’Souza

+4 For The Opening Comic Subversion.In a fit of rage, Tara calls Ali (a Pakistani Muslim IRL) a pig, Indian and classless.

-4 Because Imran Was An Assistant Director in I Hate Luv Storys also. He wore the same shirts and spoke in the same manner. Plus four because MBKDhas better music, lyrics and dance.

+2 Because Salman And Srk Make References To Older Hits In Their Movies, Imran makes references to Salman and SRK hits in this movie.

+3 To The Hilarious Line-Up Of Prospective Brides.Three more to Katrina for kidnapping Imran. Another three for the other funnies. Minus 10 for laying an OTT egg on every funny! Plus one for not pushing theRainman trope over the top though.

+4 To Yrf’s Greatest Secret. A peppy earworm of a background score.

Not a must-watch. Unless you worship the ground Katrina walks on. Or just want to lech at Ali Zafar on the big screen

+8 To The Post-Farah-Zoya Kat. She has finally broken into her pumps. Comic timing and dance, both!

+4 To Dhunki. Minus two because what was up with all those Slash-esque shots of Kat playing guitar? Plus four to Ali Zafar’s Panghat pe Madhubala.

Stills from the film
Stills from the film

+3 To Ali Abbas Zafar for writing Kat’s Britness into the script. Minus seven for overdoing the Katsploitation.

+4 To Ali Zafar, who, like Sehwag, saves the second innings when Tendulkar (Katrina) and the score (the script) are down. See the outtakes to believe that Ali (minus his biceps) and Kat in the lead with IK as second lead would have worked better.

+3 For The Fun Kat, Ali And Ik have with their roles. The young and the meta. Minus 10 because YRF’s Delhi needs a touch of realism.

+2 To Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub. He is the next onscreen Piyush Mishra. Looks like him too.

-7 To Do Dhaari Talwaar, Blech. Stupidest plot device ever. Plus three to the Parikshit Sahni-Kanwaljit face-off.


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