The Game Changers 2000 | 2009

Photo: AP

The Transformer

After Laloo’s cynical innings, Bihar found hope in Nitish Kumar

WITH LALOO FADING unmemorably into the sunset — buffaloes, lanterns, kullarhs, et al — Bihar under Nitish babu embraced radical change. Jungle raj turned towards development and rule of law. The 2009 poll win was the icing on the cake.

Wild Card

While others laboured at the carousel, Aamir broke from the pack and changed the game

WITH LAGAAN IN 2001, superstar Aamir Khan turned producer and single-handedly began to change the industry, bending the rules of marketing and cinema. His insistence on written scripts, sync sound and first ADs professionalised ad hoc practices, and his decision to act in one film at a time raised the bar for his peers.


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