‘The fall of BJP govt in Jharkhand is actually beneficial for the party’

JMM Supremo Shibu Soren along with Hemant Soren and other party MLAs handing over the letter of withdrawal of support to the Jharkhand’s BJP government to Governor Syed Ahmed at Raj Bhavan in Ranchi on Tuesday. PTI Photo

There have been eight different governments and eight governors in Jharkhand during the last 12 years. The kind of political instability that is faced by Jharkhand is not there in any other part of the country. Its main reason is the division in the society. The society here is divided along different lines, religious, indigenous and migrants, and along geographic lines. There are also several groups among tribal’s who feel they have been marginalised. When such a divided society goes to poll, the outcome is a split verdict and no single political party gets a majority. This instability will only go away if political parties, both state and national parties, are able to instill a dream in the heart of the populace. If these political parties had succeeded in making people see this big dream, they would have forgotten their divisions of ethnicity, caste and religion. Only when these divisions stop can one political party get a majority to run the government and the current situation will not be repeated. Everyday new government is formed, new alliances are made and new conditions are put forward by these political parties.

After liberalisation, our society is only interested in business and profit maximisation. In the same manner, forming a government for them is a matter of self-profit in Jharkhand. There is no blueprint for social commitment, ideology or long term vision of how they will take the society forward after forming the government. When there is no blueprint and the society is fragmented, then such instability happens. Whatever is happening here is not only the fault of the local population but of the whole country, as well as of all the national parties. They have abdicated all the regions which have some serious problems. Jharkhand is one of these places. On several occasions, there have been discussions on increasing the number of seats in Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha. If seats are increased maybe that would give majority to some political party to form a stable government. But the central government has no time for this. Generally, there is a tendency in our country to ignore serious issues and this crisis in Jharkhand is an outcome of this.

Now after Arjun Munda’s resignation as the chief minister, the dispute would be if the governor would agree to Munda’s recommendation for the dissolution of Vidhan Sabha. When Munda had given the recommendation JMM had not yet withdrawn support. There will be a debate in the country now. No one will pay attention to the moral aspects of this situation. The moral aspect being if a new government is formed it will again be a coalition government since no political party has a majority. From moral perspective, and according to the law, the governor should dissolve the House. But technically, he is not bound to do that. Nowadays, the governors work on the direction of the central government. So whatever the Centre desires, will happen. There will be a big debate now on who will form the next government, what role will the Centre play in it, how many CBI cases are pending against the political leaders and how can these be used. But the real issues that will be forgotten are: why there have been eight different government and eight governors in the last 12 years, why there is no political stability in Jharkhand, why the condition of the common man is still so bad, why the state is so backward, and why is there widespread poverty.

Politically, the fall of the BJP government is actually beneficial for the BJP. The last government had a very poor performance. The political structure of BJP has seriously weakened in Jharkhand. When a new government is formed, people will forget all the wrongdoings of the earlier government. If Congress forms the government, it will not be good for the party. Because the kind of MLA’s there are, the issues they deal with, the fragmented nature of the society, and since no one is serious to work on real issues, it will be the same old story. They all work for their own interest. Even the new government will work in the same manner. Therefore, if a new government if formed or if President’s Rule is imposed, no work will be done properly. Congress would be blamed because BJP would say that their government was removed. I think the Centre would first impose President’s Rule and then form a new government or debate on the dissolution of Vidhan Sabha.

(As told to Sujay Chakraborty)



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