“The Congress may not even get to three digits, so why should YSR Congress ally with them?”


Mysura_ReddyThere are rumours that Jagan’s bail was a result of an understanding between the Congress and YSR Congress Party (YSRCP).

These are mere rumours. Some people in the Congress and other parties keep planting these rumours time and again. The Supreme Court directed the CBI to file the final charge sheet within four months. The CBI filed a memo stating that the investigations are over. Now that the investigation is over, where is the question of meddling in the affairs?  Jagan spent over 500 days in prison. The judiciary took a view and granted the bail.

In Delhi the Congress has said that it is “happy” about Jagan getting bail? This has led to a lot of speculation that there is a possible chance of an alliance in the coming polls. How is YSR Congress playing its cards now?

They may be saying many things. There are rumors about Congress also, but where is the need to form an alliance. They may not even get to three digits, so what is the purpose of an alliance with the Congress? There is no need for us to make an alliance with anybody. We are fighting the elections on our own strengths.

What if Congress approaches you for an alliance? Would you say no to them?

Of course, we would say no. Why would we ally with a sinking ship?

When it comes to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, if Telangana is going to be a reality, then how are things going to be? Surely, you will need an alliance then.

There is no need. Even if they go for a division, as per CWC resolution, we continue to be very strong in Andhra and Rayalaseema. We will fight the elections alone and definitely get two thirds majority in Andhra. We will be getting up to 20 plus Lok Sabha seats. If the state is united, we will be reaching up to 25 seats. That is the situation.

So YSRCP, as of now, is playing the pragmatic card. You are ready for both scenarios. You are readying yourself for a post-bifurcation situation as well as a United Andhra?

The YSR Congress wants the status quo to be maintained, but it’s not in our hands. If the Congress party, for their political gain, goes for a bifurcation, we will play our cards accordingly.

If there is going to be a bifurcation, then you are ready for it, politically speaking?

We are not for division. Even if there’s a division, we will fight it out politically. The government has not taken any decision regarding the initial stage or the first stage of a note regarding it. They were unable to say whether the note has been prepared or not. Even now, we don’t know what has happened. Then how can we say it’s a reality.

But isn’t it true that the YSR Congress stands to gain in a bifurcated Andhra Pradesh than a united Andhra Pradesh? Your party has no strength in Telangana?

No, it’s not like that. We are having our own strengths. Our own infrastructure is there in place. We are for a united Andhra Pradesh. We could have happily accepted the bill for political gains, but we stand for a united Andhra Pradesh since both regions will be sufferers. That is not a big problem for us. We can fight our elections in a united Andhra Pradesh.



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