The Collector

Ebrahim Alkazi
Ebrahim Alkazi
Age: 84
Profession: Veteran theatre director and art connoisseur
Old friends: Favourite trees that he sees and talks to every day. He grieves when he sees them chopped down Photo: Anay Mann

THE IMPECCABLY dressed and energetic Ebrahim Alkazi is at Triveni Kala Sangam, his Delhi gallery, every day. Shows, brochures, websites, clueless visitors, new plays, all receive his bone-deep charm and thoughtful conversation.

It is difficult to imagine in our circumscribed lives the forces that shaped Ebrahim Alkazi, an affluent young aesthete, into a man with such a large sense of destiny and even larger capacity for work.

From a Pune childhood surrounded by classical music-playing Parsis and jazz-loving Goans, he moved to Mumbai – a world filled with the painfully young, talented and poor, such as MF Husain (whose exile makes Alkazi rage). When Alkazi came to an untamed Delhi, he saw in places like the Purana Qila a space to stage his enormous plays. India is filled with old and young artists and actors discovered by him. Alkazi remains, in his own words, still ‘avid’ to learn.