The CBI is now saying what Tehelka said then


Evidence that seemed insufficient to the CBI when it first filed its case against Amit Shah has now been beefed up by the findings in Rana Ayyub’s exposé

Home again Amit Shah gets his supporters’ attention
Home again Amit Shah gets his supporters’ attention
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THE STATUS report filed on the Sohrabuddin encounter in the Supreme Court by the CBI on 25 November is nothing new: the arguments and evidence cited — even the language — closely follow the TEHELKA exposé on the involvement of Amit Shah in the Gujarat fake encounters. It was this exposé that, for the first time, pointed a finger at the minister and subsequently led to his arrest by the CBI, which had till then claimed that it had insufficient evidence.

TEHELKA had published the call records and tower locations (Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah called cops arrested for killing Tulsi Prajapati, 3 July) that have now been made part of the second status report filed by the CBI, records about which the CBI had claimed ignorance until then.

Our report said: “…Shah was not merely talking with the policemen during the week of Prajapati’s killing, but he was doing it each time there were developments in the case.” As if on cue, the CBI wrote, “The calls made by the minister are not part of official decorum. Their frequency is unnatural and uncommon in nature.”

The CBI status report also falls in line with the TEHELKA finding that the killing of Prajapati was linked to the Sohrabuddin case, and that the CBI should unearth the larger conspiracy as directed by the Supreme Court. So it was another vindication of our stand when the CBI asked for the transfer of the Prajapati case. As the report says, “It was a part of one and the same transaction.”

The report submitted to the bench of Supreme Court Judge Justice Aftab Alam will now also decide the future course of investigation and the fate of Shah, whose bail hearing comes up for consideration on 14 December.

Tehelka’s stand was vindicated when the CBI asked for the transfer of the case

The CBI has produced before the Supreme Court evidence that Shah has been threatening its star witnesses, a fact that TEHELKA had predicted in the eventuality of Shah getting bail.

With Shah now holding constant meetings with the party brass in New Delhi, including LK Advani, Nitin Gadkari and Arun Jaitley, the next 30 days will be crucial for the BJP. What remains to be seen is if all the others, including Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who also handles the Gujarat home department portfolio since 2004, are also called for questioning.

TEHELKA now also waits to see if the other top officers, OP Mathur, Geeta Johri and PC Pande, who handled the investigation and tried to destroy evidence at the behest of Shah, are tried for their role and arrested, especially after TEHELKA had published (7 August) an official secret note on how these officers tried to mislead the investigation after having received favours from the government.


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