The cabinet according to Tehelka


The team Manmohan Singh should have made room for, and could still do.

By Vijay Simha

01 Finance
Pranab Mukherjee About time he was left alone to do his primary job. Has three years and we do need to get our economy right asap.
02 Defence
AK Antony Mr Clean should, likewise, be put on a clear to do list for three years. China will test us and our defences need to be razor sharp.
03 External Affairs
P Chidambaram Let him engage with Hillary Clinton and the rest. With the world as his stage, he will be away from home where he tends to step on people’s toes.
04 Home Affairs
Jairam Ramesh Too much to do here. Needs the integrity and the drive of an unimpeachable man. Go for it, could be the most significant posting.
05 Agriculture
Mamata BanerjeeWith charge also of food processing industries, consumer affairs, and food & public distribution. Needs urgent work.
06 Energy
Rahul Gandhi Includes power, coal, water resources, new & renewable energy, and petroleum & natural gas. Future wars will be on energy. Let him show us how he can lead here.
07 Environment & Forests
Jyotiraditya Scindia Must have charge of mines as well, so he can dovetail policy on both fronts. Should be another potential workaholic.
08 Development
Kapil Sibal Has to develop urban and rural India. Also will have to make land policy, computerise all land records and devise uniform land measurement across India.
09 Communications, HRD
Sam Pitroda Give him IT as well. Our best bet in UPA2 for this at the moment.
10 Transport
E Sreedharan Includes railways, civil aviation, road transport & highways, and shipping. Give him five years. Might turn out to be a masterstroke.
11 Social Justice
Sachin Pilot Includes empowerment, tribal affairs, minority affairs, and panchayati raj. Is a core concern, and he must be given full opportunity to turn it around.
12 Youth Affairs
Y Jagan Mohan Reddy Includes job creation, poverty alleviation (urban and rural), and sports. If he can do this well, give him the chief ministership of Andhra Pradesh that he so craves for.
13 Chemicals & Fertilisers
Dayanidhi Maran Also tourism, textiles, and statistics and programme implementation. Will keep the DMK engaged as well.
14 Commerce & Industry
Farooq Abdullah Plus labour, heavy industries & public enterprises, steel, and micro, medium & small enterprises. Enough to do, and do it well.
15 Health & Family Welfare
Agatha Sangma Plus women and child development. And DONER (Development of North Eastern Region) of course.
16 Law & Justice, I&B
Salman Khurshid Also corporate affairs. Our justice system needs big reform. Let’s see if he has it in him.


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