Terror continues as suicide bombers kill 4 in Medina


Medina attackIn a tale of shocking incidents when the world is in shock after a series of suicide bomb blasts in different parts of the world, Saudi Arabia has been struck thrice with the suicide bombings within 24-hour, with the latest at the holy site of Medina on July 4.

According to the reports, a person was in the parking lot of Medina mosque when security guards raised suspect on him. The moment guards approached him, he detonated himself, killing four security guards and injuring others.

So far no group has claimed the responsibility of the attacks, reports say.

Medina, the holy mosque where the Prophet Mohammed is buried, is frequently visited by the Muslims every year.

The attack seemed to be coordinated with the previous two attacks. The first attack occurred outside the US consulate in Jeddah, in which many policemen were injured when the bomber blew himself off. Similarly, the second attack occurred outside a Shiiite Mosque.

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, the Jeddah bomber was Abdullah Qlazar Khan, a Pakistani citizen.

The Medina attacks were in continuation with other attacks which occurred in the holy month of Ramadan.