Tendulkar tweets to Kohli that he wants to play, again?




Team India captain Virat Kohli and cricket great Sachin Tendulkar share a rare bond. As Kohli has said many times that “Sachin is like a mentor to me”, so when Tendulkar tweeted to Kohli telling him that he wants “to play”, it did raise quite a lot of eyebrows.

Recently, Kohli bought himself an International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) team called UAE Royals and its star player is Roger Federer. Tendulkar is an admirer of the Swiss great, and his tweet may have shown his inclination to play alongside Federer in Kohli’s team.

While Tendulkar is a known across the world, Kohli is popular in India. When Tendulkar was an active cricketer, his fan following bordered on the insane, with many of them christening him “The God of Cricket.” Kohli too has his fans, many of whom admire his spirit. One common point between both men is their love for their country and a strict work ethic.

One of the stories which forms the Tendulkar legend—his coach Ramakant Achrekar would put a coin on his stumps as a child, and every time Tendulkar finished a session without being dismissed, he would earn that coin.


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