Telangana Chief Minister buys Rs 5 crore bulletproof bus



Photo: K Sateesh
Telangana Chief Minster K Chandrasekhar Rao Photo: K Sateesh

Opposition parties criticised Telangana Chief Minster K Chandrasekhar Rao’s Rs 5-crore bulletproof bus, on 3 July, terming it a waste of public money.

Senior Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao said, “Rao is spending lot of money on a bulletproof bus to tour the state. He toured the state earlier too.  Why does he need a bus costing Rs 5 crore?”

Fitted with state-of-the-art technology, the bus can withstand any type of attack. The bus has an in-built bedroom, rest-room, a small meeting hall, internet and stairs to the rooftop of the vehicle.

Rao, who has been using a chopper for his tours, is likely to use the bus for Harita Haram tours. He is likely to spend 10 days a month in the bus and also undertake road trips to see how the drinking water grid and Mission Kakatiya programmes are being implemented.

“The idea is to have all facilities so KCR can use the bus as an office on the move,” said a government official. The bus will also have a functional but comfortable bedroom and its floor reinforced, so as to make it blast-proof.


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