Tehelka sets up ICC & Empowerment Committee


We at Tehelka (Anant Media Pvt Ltd — the owners and publishers of Tehelka English, Tehelka Hindi magazines and tehelka.com) and the Tehelka Foundation are committed to making this workplace free of any gender-related discrimination. We are duty bound by the Law and also by the values that we believe in, to provide a workplace of safety and dignity. This is also to reiterate Tehelka’s commitment to address all issues of sexual harassment with utmost promptitude and an unbiased mind.

In furthering this commitment, Tehelka has set up an ‘Empowerment Committee’, which would also function as the ‘Internal Complaints Committee’ mandated by the law. This Committee shall implement a comprehensive policy to prevent and redress any incident of sexual harassment, which would also be a necessary part of our ‘Terms of Employment’ and ‘The Code of Conduct’ of the company, which governs all employees.

The Committee Members are:

1. Ms. Sowmya Bhat – Advocate (Chairperson)

2. Dr Amit Sen – Psychiatrist

3. Ms. Priyanka Dubey – Senior Correspondent, Tehelka Hindi

4. Ms. Puneeta Roy – The Tehelka Foundation

5. Mr. Sanjay Dubey – Editor, Tehelka Hindi

6. Mr. Kaushik Kashyap – Assistant Editor, Tehelka English

This Committee will ensure that employees are assured of their work/job not being affected when and if they bring forth a complaint; and that the organisation is aware and bound to address any issue of sexual harassment. In addition, the Empowerment Committee will also address the morale, emotional turmoil and trust within the organisation. It will work towards an inclusive, dynamic and transparent process to uphold the highest ethical standards and build a conducive work environment.

We shall together make this a workplace free of any form of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.


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