Tehelka Investigation impact: Profit Over People


As swine flu continues to put hundreds of people to sleep, a somnolent and criminally lethargic establishment fiddles away. The Tehelka investigation on the swine flu reveals a shocking tale . Instead of banking on an American firm for kits it has revealed that if the indigenous kits had been used instead of the imported ones, it would have saved the exchequer a whopping Rs 4,371 crore (or even Rs 46,671 crore).

The story has generated lot of buzz and political leaders cutting across party lines have expressed anguish over the issue and have promised to raise the issue in the coming session of parliament.  Here are their voices on twitter on the issue :

RJD MP Pappu yadav asked PM to intervene and said he will raise the issue in coming parliament session.

Former congress leader Jayanthi Natarajan said its shameful

BJP leader of opposition in delhi vidhan sabha Vijendra Gupta said congress is exposed.

Activist and Cartoonist aseem trivedi said लोग मरतेरहे और पैसे बनते रहे” मानवता को शर्मसार करने वाला यूपीए सरकार का एक और बड़ा घोटाला.


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