Tehelka Exclusive: BJP MP, OMG! actor Paresh Rawal on Baba Ramdev’s call for boycott of PK movie


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Actor turned politician, Paresh Rawal, who is a BJP Member of Parliament from East Ahmedabad, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding yoga guru Baba Ramdev objecting to the screening of the film PK, by categorically stating that when the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has certified the Aamir Khan-starrer, then nobody should have a problem with the film.

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In an exclusive conversation with Tehelka on Tuesday, Paresh Rawal said: “The movie has already been certified by the censor board, then I think there should not be any issue with movie.” However, Rawal added that he has not seen PK yet. “I will try to watch it,” he said.

When it was pointed out that there are similarities between Oh My God (OMG), which starred Rawal, and PK, the actor laughed it off by saying, “My film OMG was released in 2012, at that point I was not a BJP MP.” He declined to comment any further.

Recently, yoga guru Baba Ramdev expressed his anguish over the theme of Amir Khan’s latest movie PK and also called for a public boycott of all those who are involved in the making of this “anti-religious” film. The whole episode has turned into a big controversy with FIR being filed against the Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer.

Baba Ramdev has asked the ‘Hindu community’ to come together and protest against the movie, as he felt PK was anti-Hindu. As per media reports, Baba Ramdev also felt that PK propagated a wrong message by criticising Hindu gods and goddesses.

In Ahmedabad, suspected Bajrang Dal activists vandalised prominent theatres demanding a ban on the film. Protests were also held in Bhopal where some screenings were halted.


  1. Tahelka is trying to sell their news line by associating Paresh Rawals name with it while he has absolutely said nothing for or against the movie. Only thing he said is that the sensor board has already done their job. Misleading headline of course.

  2. abey koii nii… saalo ko dikhane se kya hota hai. whole world knows which religion is pimp on humanity. it dont need proof

  3. There is nothing wrong in the movie; anything portrayed in the course of events is all about people, baba’s, etc who are deceiving people in the name of religion, God, beliefs etc. It is a movie with abundant messages for the generations and compels the thoughts to be introspected.

  4. PK is teaching people of all religion to deny weakness and do work honestly and truthfully. Naturally those who depend on duping people are not happy with this movie. All State Governments should exempt entertainment tax and any other levy with immediate effect. States run by BJP like Gujarat, MP, Maharastra, Delhi( no Govt is there and hence run by centre through LG) etc are witnessing vandalism caused by outfits like Bajrang Dal etc. If Govts. fail to stop this, people who supported BJP may switch sides in next election. This is not ACHCHA DIN for us.

  5. Even the christian and muslim community were mentioned in the movie but no christian or muslim is opposing it why this baba? just out of curiosity.

  6. In India anybody can do anything under the shadows of secularism, However by minds all are religious and hence we need to be careful when conveying a message whether it is via a movie or via any media


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