TEHELKA again the trend setter!



Since it started its journey in year 2000, TEHELKA has been a trend setter. What TEHELKA Thinks today, other magazines think tomorrow

One after the another, it broke the barriers with trend setting investigative journalism and sting operations; be it cricket match fixing scandal or most widely known “Operation West End” and now the digital age data journalism on the never-heard world of dark web.

After carrying many stories on black money and demonetization, we, for the first time set our feet on the dark terrain of deep web where no Indian media had ever ventured in, so that readers could hear the unheard voices.

In a series of articles we wrote about the weak encryption policy of India and we also wrote about the process of converting black money into “Bitcoin”.

We had not only written it, we actually for the very first time also explained the technicality of it.

We are happy to see other national media organisations slipping into our shoes and writing on the same topics – Encryption and Bitcoin and on the same order as we had done. We are not only the trend setters but also the trend spotters!

TEHELKA first spotted that data journalism was becoming part of the establishment and no one could ignore it any more.

We’re going to bring in more new surprises – stay tuned!