TDP member tries to uproot Chair’s mike, RS adjourned till 2PM

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

New Delhi, Feb 13 (PTI): Uproarious scenes dominated the proceedings in Rajya Sabha today with members staging protests in the Well over Telangana statehood issue and a TDP member trying to snatch the mike of the Chair.

Continued protests over Telangana statehood and other issues led to two adjournments of the House in the pre-lunch sitting, including one till noon just a minute after the House met for the day.

When the House reassembled, noisy protests broke out over proposed bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh with members from Seemandhra and Telangana regions shouting slogans in favour and against the move.

As the ruckus continued, TDP MP CM Ramesh tried to uproot the mike from the podium.

A visibly upset Deputy Chairman P J Kurien was heard saying, “Yes, you continute…If this is democracy, you continue.”

In the bedlam, members from TDP and Congress were roaming in the Well with placards displaying “We want Telangana” while Seemandhra members from the both the parties kept up their protest against any attempt to bifurcate the state.

AIADMK members led by V Maitreyan were seen blind folding themselves with black cloths while raising slogans “Save Tamil fishermen”, positioning themselves before the Chair along with a Congress MP who was displayed the banner “We want united Andhra Pradesh”.

Amid protests, Kurien adjourned the House till 2 PM.

The House saw uproarious scenes earlier in the day with members of TDP and AIADMK positioning themselves in the Well even before Chairman Hamid Ansari called the House to order.

Opposing division of Andhra Pradesh, two TDP members carrying ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ banners and the lone Congress member with ‘We Want United Andhra Pradesh’ poster stood right below the podium.

They were countered by Congress members, who moved into the aisles carrying ‘We Want Telangana’ posters.

DMK members too were in the Well raising the issue of Tamil fishermen. They held ‘Save Tamil Fishermen’ banners.

Ansari took up the listed questions, but as the din continued, he adjourned the House till noon.


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