TDP legislator cum actor under fire for vulgar comments against women



Actor Balakrishna was in the dock for his vulgar and obscene comments against women during the audio release function of the film ‘Savitri’.

Balakrishna is the third son of the legendary Telugu film icon Nandamuri Tarakarama Rao also known as NTR.

“If I play eve-teasing roles, and just follow girls, my fans will not accept. Either a kiss should be given or they should be made pregnant. That’s all. We have to commit ourselves,” the Hindupuram TDP MLA was heard saying.

The actor had said this in the presence of two heroines, who looked shocked and embarrassed, during the course of his speech in the function.

Balakrishna’s alleged remarks had gone viral on the internet and drew flak from the online fraternity. His remarks have made the TDP more unpopular.

“Some minister’s son was arrested for assaulting a woman in full public view and your comments seem to be inspiration for him,” posted one Aditya Sharma on Facebook.

Hundreds commented that Balayya  (Balakrishna) must have lost his mental balance and Hindupur people should be ashamed for electing such a person as their representative.

Another went to the extent of saying, “Your brother-in-law Chandrababu (Naidu) can save you even if you impregnate any girl.”

At the same time, Andhra Pradesh minister’s Ravela Kishore Babu son Ravela Susil has been sent to judicial custody in an eve-teasing case.

Opposition YSRCP is planning to bring the ruling TDP government into a corner during the on-going budget session on the International Women’s Day.