Tata Trusts to tie-up with Google, Intel to launch new initiative for women

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

A digitally connected India will empower the hands of citizens by linking them with the world, said Ratan Tata on 3 July, lauding the government’s ”Digital India programme.

“I am happy that PM Narendra Modi is giving priority to to make India a digitised nation,” Tata said here at the launch of an initiative to deepen Internet usage among rural women.

Tata Trusts, chaired by Ratan Tata, has tied up with Google and Intel to help women access the Net under this initiative.

“Internet will help educate India. It will provide livelihood to women who don’t have a formal one, and also spread out commerce across the country,” he said. 

The three-pronged plan comes on the heels of Digital India, which pitches for for a digital revolution in the country.

Modi asked the industry to boost domestic production of electronic devices that account for second largest imports, under the ‘Make in India’.

Google representatives said though women users account for 1/10 of the total rural internet users, they are outgrowing men in urban areas.

As many as 1,000 specially designed bicycles having devices will give villagers an experience of the Net Internet a four to six months, under the “Internet Saathi” programme.

The initiative aims to cover 4,500 villages over the next 18 months, iGujarat, Rajasthan and Jharkhand and will reach out to five lakh women.


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