Tata Steel exposed: Social Media smear campaign against Tehelka news report



In the event of an unprecedented positive response to the reality of Jamshadpur as presented by Tehelka in its cover story, the Tata Group has been caught unawares. Consequently, it has unleashed a comprehensive backlash on social media. From the moment the first preview of the cover story titled Tata Steals City released on Tehelka Facebook page, to the day of publishing the entire story on Tehelka website, Tata has gone berserk in its allegations.

The negative comments on the cover story range from offensive to slanderous. Some target the reporters personally, Some question the credibility of Tehelka as a publication and others go so far as to say there are political motives behind the fact based story.
Most comments have been written by mercenaries, with some comments coming in from Tata employees too clearly, the jittery nerves and knee jerk responses to the story narrate their own story. They are proof that the Tata Group is rattled by the real picture of Jamshedpur now being out in the public domain and the largest corporate house in India does not know how to handle this truth.
Watch the video below: 


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