Taliban attackers kill 8 persons, injure several others in Kabul


talibanEight persons were killed and several others wounded in a Taliban assault targeting the residence of an Afghan MP in Kabul.

The 13-hour-long siege ended on December 22 when a gunfight with Afghan Special Forces left the assailants dead, as per the police.

Malim Mer Wali, an MP from the southern Helmand province, was injured when he jumped from the roof of the house to escape the Taliban attackers.

Son of Kandahar MP Obaidullah Barikzai, two security guards and four of Mir Wali’s family members are among the deceased, said officials.

When the attack began, local media stated that at least one of the assailants detonated explosives tied to his body.

Claiming responsibility, the Taliban stated two heavily armed suicide bombers had stormed the building on December 21 when a security meeting was under progress.

The raid killed at least 20 “important” personalities and wounded many more. The Taliban frequently releases inflated casualty figures for such attacks.

Helmand is the largest of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, and many of its districts have fallen to the Taliban in recent months while its capital, Lashkargah, remains under pressure from the insurgents.

Taliban attackers, wearing suicide vests, went into the Afghan lawmaker residence in Kabul and took unspecified number of people hostage, stated the local media.

Afghan Special Forces personnel soon reached the site and engaged the militants. After an intense gunfight, they brought the situation under control.