Sydney siege: Indian among hostages at Lindt cafe



In the ongoing hostage saga in Sydney, Australia, five have escaped unhurt from the café where few have been held as captives.  According to TV reports, the gunman involved in the siege wanted to talk to Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. Meanwhile, India’s Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu has said that there is a possibility of one Indian among the hostages. Early reports had suggested that the Indian hostage could be an employee of software giant Infosys. Later the software company confirmed the report.

It is difficult to confirm whether the five were hostages or they were escaping from another area of the building where the hostage situation has been ongoing since Monday morning. Meanwhile, CNN-IBN reported that the gunman made the demand to negotiators, and that he has also asked for a flag belonging to the Islamic State (IS). The report follows live television footage showing  five people fleeing the building, with armed police on standby.

The armed assailant has been holding an unknown number of hostages inside the cafe, police said, with local television showing some being forced to hold up a black flag with white Arabic writing in the window.

#Illridewithyou has been trending in Australia with the hostage situation still continuing. The hashtag has been created  to help Muslims in Sydney travel safely as there is a sense of fear among the community following the hostage situation.


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