Swabhiman Rally: Joint Sonia-Lalu-Nitish lambasted PM Modi

Swabhiman Rallly
Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar

In the Swabhiman rally, the first rally after the grand alliance of JDU, RJD, Congress and Samajwadi party, party leaders didn’t miss the chance to take a jibe at PM Narendra Modi. Bihar leaders Lalu and Nitish, joined hands to face and defeat the BJP led NDA government in the upcoming Assembly election.

Top leaders of the ‘grand secular alliance’ including Congress president Sonia Gandhi, on Sunday, claimed victory on the controversial land bill, as they tore into Prime Minister Narendra Modi over “unfulfilled promises’ and “insult” to Bihari pride.

PM Narendra Modi’s DNA remark against the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar also faced sharp criticism. The leaders, in the rally, mounted some blistering attacks on him, contending it “denigrated the legacy of the state”. Congress President Sonia Gandhi alleged that the Modi government did not do anything except “show baazi” despite having completed one-fourth of its tenure.

The leaders in the rally – Sonia, Kumar and RJD chief Lalu Prasad, also praised each other as they readied to take on the BJP-led NDA in the state polls that are likely to see a keen electoral contest. “This is an anti-farmer government. They want to grab their land and distribute it among their rich friends. We fought for the protection of farmers’ rights in the Parliament and in the end government had to bow down,” Sonia said.

“Today when ‘Swambhiman rally’ is being organised in Patna, the PM was forced to bend and retreat his steps on land acquisition Bill,” said Nitish Kumar.

Speaking against the DNA remark, Sonia said,”Some people take pleasure in mocking Bihar. Whenever they get opportunity they comment about its DNA and culture. They also call it BIMARU (laggard).” Nitish Kumar, demanding that Modi take back his DNA remark, said, “This is the place from where Gautam Buddha, Mahavir and Aryabhatta came… My DNA is the same DNA.”

Earlier, Narendra Modi, speaking at a BJP rally in Muzaffarpur, had said, “There seems to be some problem with his (Kumar’s) DNA because the DNA of democracy is not like that. In democracy you respect even your political rivals.” The remark had provoked anger from Kumar, whose party JD(U) launched a ‘Sabdhwapsi’ (take back your words) campaign against Modi.


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