Susannah Mushatt Jones dies at 116 years in United States

Susannah Mushatt Jones. Source:
Susannah Mushatt Jones. Source:

Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest person died at the age of 116 years. She has lived through two world wars and 20 US presidencies.

Born on an Alabama farm in July 1899, she was the last living American born in the 19th century.

One of 11 children, Jones’ grandparents were slaves and her parents crop pickers. She attended a special school for young black girls and graduated in 1922.

After graduating from high school, she moved to New Jersey and then on to New York, where she worked as a housekeeper and childcare provider. She was active till she reached the age of 106.

She became Guinness World Records’ official oldest person when 117-year-old Misao Okawa of Japan died last year.

She always said that lots of sleep and no smoking or drinking were the main reasons she lived to celebrate her 116th birthday last year.

Following her death, the oldest person in the world is now 116-year-old Emma Morano who lives in Italy. She was born in November 1899. Jones was older than Morano by a few months.