Supreme court rap for jailed Sahara chairman Subrata Roy, in jail by choice says SC



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There is more trouble for the jailed Sahara India Pariwar chairman Subrata Roy.  The flamboyant Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy’s plea for his release on humanitarian grounds evoked a sharp scathing  reaction from the Supreme Court which said “you are in jail by choice”. “One thing which is troublesome is that the person (Roy) says there is an asset of Rs 1,85,000 crore. He tells the court that he has so much of money but when it comes to paying one-fifth of that he is unable to pay.

“You have to pay only the one-fifth of your amount. The person who is blessed with so much money is sacrificing his liberty in jail and not parting away with his property. You are in jail by choice,” a bench headed by Justice T S Thakur observed and referred to his earlier submissions when Roy had claimed that the group has sufficient assets to pay the investors.
The remarks were made when senior advocate Kapil Sibal was making a submission that it was not fair for the court to put Roy inside the jail when the contempt proceedings against him were not over.

Further, he said, other large business houses did not have to suffer like this and their loans of considerable amount like Rs 1,000 crore get rescheduled for payment in five or 10 years by the RBI or banks.

The senior advocate said it was difficult for Roy to arrange a big amount for his release by staying inside the jail and the court should consider humanitarian grounds for his release.

However, the bench said “please appreciate we have certain constraints. Read the previous orders passed by this court. You will know why your client is in jail. Read it you will not say.”

Sibal said he has read all the orders and the court should consider Roy’s release on humanitarian grounds.

“Even if you are released, the sword will be hanging over your head on your return (from jail). You have to pay the remaining amount. This is a case which can be argued for days, weeks and months,” the bench observed evoking an instant response from Sibal who said “I will get justice.” “Any bench will give you justice. One goes with this perception,” the bench said.

Sibal said “just on the basis of perception, consider his release on humanitarian grounds” and till then extend the facility in jail for negotiating with the potential buyers of properties which is coming to end on August 16.

The bench said it is evident that there was a difficulty for the group to sell its properties to arrange Rs 36,000 crore for making the payment in the SEBI-Sahara account since Roy has been in jail for one-and-a half-year and the sale of properties can be done by appointing a receiver which was opposed by Sibal.

Senior advocates Arvind Datar for SEBI and Shekhar Naphade, who is assisting the court as amicus curiae, said appointment of receiver was inevitable.

“Why can’t a receiver be appointed. Let the properties be taken over and let it be sold and the money be deposited with the receiver as it is apparent they are incapable of generating money and selling properties,” the bench said adding that a retired judge of the apex court who was appointed to oversee the action taken by SEBI against Sahara Group, would be the chairman of the Receiver.

“These people can enforce agencies to proceed with the sale of property. It is not a happy situation,” the bench, also comprising Justices A R Dave and A K Sikri said after approving the sale of Sahara Group’s 140-acre land in Gorakhpur which was settled for Rs 152 crore.

The court had recently virtually turned into an auction room as the two real estate firms had hiked their bids with Gorakhpur Real Estate Developers Private Limited surpassing the Rs 150 crore Samriddhi developers.

The court noted that the embattled group hasn’t been able to raise the bail amount for Roy  at the first place. “How do you propose to recover (the entire amount)… It’s not a happy situation,” the court added.

What could be more trouble for Sahara  is the  Sahara group’s inability despite getting many facilities and chances to raise Rs 10,000 crore, half in cash and half through bank guarantee, to seek release of its chief Subrata Roy and two directors from jail. This  precarious situation has  made the Supreme Court  think aloud about the possibility of appointing a receiver for the group.

The SC has decided to hear  the matter on September 14.  Thus prolonging Roy’s troubles and severely damaging his Sahara India  Pariwar’s image and credibility .

The  long  months behind bars has tarnished Roy’s image for good.  A dramatic and sudden fall of the business tycoon who with arrogance flaunted his connections with politicians  across party lines, rubbed shoulders with Bollywood stars, hosted lavish parties, loved photo ops with beauty queens, and lived life king size, is now left cooling his heels behind Tihar left alone to fight a lone battle to save his World’s largest pariwar, now in tatters.


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