Atul Anjan apologises for his remark against Sunny Leone



CPI leader Atul Anjan, who went hammer and tongs against Sunny Leone, however, apologized to the supporters of the actor for his controversial remark.

He said, “But the condom ads are vulgar and I would continue to oppose them.” Although I apologize, I, however,  but I don’t stand for such ads.”

He further stated that the NDA government should look into the matter and try to stop the broadcast of these advertisements.

Clarifying his remark made at a public rally that condom ads by actor Sunny Leone increase rape in the country, Communist Party of India (CPI) leader Atul Anjan said, “My statement has been twisted out of proportion. I did not mean that such ads promote rapes, but maintained they were not ethical.”

“I didn’t say they promote rapes, but these are highly objectionable,” he added. “I apologise to Sunny Leone’s fans who want to watch her porn films. Please go ahead and watch them and show them to your family,” he added.

Making personal attacks against Sunny, he said that she cannot be treated as a symbol of dignity. “We need to have social responsibility. The way she is presenting herself is not ethical.”

He claimed anyone who watches her porn “will puke in 2 minutes”.“I have always been against rapes. I came out in the open in the Nirbhaya case for action against the culprits too. Rape is a social crime,” said Anjan.

At an event in Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh, Anjan had on 1 September said, “There is a woman called Sunny Leone. She has worked in many nude films. There is an ad – she’s lying down and one man is coming to her. It’s a condom ad. If they are shown everywhere on TV and newspapers, rape incidents will increase.”

His is just one of the reckless statements made by politicians. Earlier, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh had blamed girls for being raped. This is not the first time that Sunny Leone has been accused of something like this.

Earlier too, leader of Sri Ram Sena, Pramod Muthalik said the actress should be deported.  Even recently, the SP chief remarked that “four boys cannot rape a girl. It is impossible. One commits rape and then four more are named.”

Taking a step further, Janata Dal United chief Sharad Yadav during a debate on women’s security in Parliament mocked that “Who amongst us has not followed girls?”


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