Suicide blast in Lahore kills 4 soldiers, 2 civilians, Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility


Suicide bomber attacks census team in Lahore

4 soldiers and 2 civilians have been killed in a suicide attack targeting a census team on Lahore’s Bedian road on April 4. Numerous people were injured. Pakistan Army, police and rescue teams reached the spot and the injured have been shifted to nearby hospital.

TV footage showed security personnel blocking off the street around the site of the explosion.

Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack, dissolving the doubts that the blast was caused due to a gas leakage.

According to sources, the attack was aimed at the census team of Pakistan’s ongoing census.

“This was a suicide blast, however, the amount of explosives used has yet to be determined,” said Punjab government spokesperson Malik Ahmad Khan.

“It can safely be assumed that this census team and the security personnel with it were the target of the suicide bomber all along,” he added.

The Punjab provincial government condemned the attack and ordered a report.

On March 21, a census team had been also been attacked in Mandni area of Charsadda leaving a policeman injured.

Earlier on February 23, Lahore was on high alert after a bomb blast had killed 8 and injured 30.