Suggest apparatus to address call drops issue, Prasad tells TRAI

Serious intent Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad
Serious intent Union Law Minister Ravi
Shankar Prasad

Telecom operators need to reinforce their systems to address call drop issues, said Union IT and Communications Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad and asked TRAI to suggest a distinctive mechanism to tackle the problem.

He said mobile operators need to work on a solution for call drops. He added that he had asked the TRAI to suggest ways and means to deal with the issue, but refused to state whether it will be a financial disincentive.

“The point is, as of now, I would like all the telecom operators to strengthen their system so as to avoid call drops and properly run their operations. Once we are willing to walk the extra mile, they also walk the extra mile,” he added.

Prasad said, the moment the radiowaves in 3G band are released, the process for auction will be expedited. “The moment it comes, it will be expedited and obliviously as I said the March auction was not the last auction of this government.” He further stated that the government may look into the auction again in this financial year. He said: “Let me have a look at it, if need be it will be expedited, why not.”

Prasad also spoke about the industry’s concern over installation of mobile towers being injurious to health. He said, “I have spoken publicly about this campaign on the tower issue and I want to repeat that there is no tangible evidence of any harmful effect. Therefore, call drop allegations and campaign against tower installation can not go hand in hand.”


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