Subramanian Swamy to PM: Terminate RBI Governor immediately



Listing several allegations against Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan, Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on 26 May urged PM Narendra Modi to terminate his services immediately.

In his letter addressed to the PM, Swamy alleged that despite holding a top position, Rajan has been making several trips to the United States in order to renew his Green Card. He also alleged that the RBI governor raised interest rate in a bid to hurt small and medium industries (SMIs).

The allegations levelled by him against the RBI governor in his second letter addressed to the PM, Swamy said were “prima facie true”.

During one of his visits to the US, he said, Rajan  had criticised the growth rate of India as being equal to a “cockeyed” person in the land of blind. “Such sarcasm against the government is a violation of the rules governing public officials,” said Swamy Swamy said.

Earlier, Swamy wrote to the PM on 17 May calling Rajan ‘mentally unfit’. Apart from belittling the government, Rajan was sending sensitive information to the US through email, alleged Swamy. 

Even after becoming RBI Governor in September 2013, Rajan has continued to hold US Green Card which is essentially a transitional visa arrangement for acquiring US citizenship, Swamy said.

Furthermore, he said Rajan was also a member of the Group of 30, which is dominated by the US.