Stain on National Integrity


‘Ink attacks’ seem to be catching on as the latest form of so-called ‘non-violent’ protests. Wouldn’t Gandhi be proud?

The nature of these ‘Ink attacks’ is oxymoronic at its core; how can an attack be non-violent? The description contradicts itself.

From attacking sporting officials looking to improve cross border ties, to politicians protesting injustices committed along the lines of cultural differences, expressing one’s difference of opinion, no longer seems to be restricted to the realms of debating the issue. It has now come to hunting down the opposer, and dousing them with ink, a modern day witch-hunt of sorts.

The following photo feature shows J&K independent MLA, Engineer Rashid, doused with ink, while attending a press conference held by him, at the Press Club, in New Delhi. The J&K MLA, was holding a press conference to voice his opinion on the death of the 19 year old truck driver, Zahid Ahmed Bhat, a resident of Anantnag, who suffered severe burns after being attacked in Udhampur, with a petrol bomb; his attackers believed that he had allegedly slaughtered cows. The 19 year old Bhat eventually succumbed to his injuries, 10 days after being admitted into Safdarjung Hospital, in New Delhi.

Rashid was non-violently attacked by a Hindu fringe group, as they willed to humiliate the independent MLA for hosting a ‘beef party’ in Srinagar, which was Rashid’s way of protesting a difference in cultural opinion.

Engineer Rashid (1)

Engineer Rashid (2)

Engineer Rashid (3)

Engineer Rashid (4)

Engineer Rashid (5)



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