‘Srinivasan was always president, Dalmiya only chaired a meeting’



Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Has N Srinivasan already been reinstated as BCCI president?

Where is the question of reinstated or not reinstated? I think he must have, because he was never out of the president’s position.

Then, what was his stepping aside about then? What is Jagmohan Dalmiya’s (interim president) position?
Jagmohan Dalmiya was chairing a meeting, that’s all. Srinivasan must fulfil his duties because as the president only he is authorised to sign on behalf of the BCCI.

When you say you ‘think’ he has resumed, is this as of 29 July evening or 30 July?
I do not know and I haven’t talked to him. As per my understanding, he can resume his office any time he likes, that’s all.

When he stepped aside, are you saying that he still fulfilled the responsibilities of a president?
He stepped aside but now that the probe panel report has been presented to the Working Committee, he can join any time.

How can he decide when to come back?
Because it was he who chose to step down voluntarily.

But that was after much media pressure, which he himself admitted, and later referred to as ‘media hounding’.
That is a different matter. But finally he took the decision, and no one else.

The Bombay High Court has rendered the probe panel, which exonerates his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan ‘illegal’ and ‘unconstitutional’. Would that not have any bearing on his functioning in the BCCI?
See, our legal team will study the judgment and they will then advise the board. After all, the president and secretary take care of these things. I’m not involved. The legal team will tell us the repercussions of the Bombay High Court order.

But Srinivasan said he had stepped aside for as long as the probe panel took to look into the case.
Now the panel proceedings are over. Whether it has been nullified by the high court is a different matter.

But, if it is nullified by the high court, the panel ending its probe doesn’t hold any value.
Value or no value, he can assume the position at any time because they can still decide to go to the Supreme Court. Who knows what our legal team will advise us?

At the moment, is the BCCI planning to challenge this in the Supreme Court?
I don’t know.

What about the other factions in the BCCI, other vice-presidents who have said it is an embarrassment if he resumes his position?
It is their view.

But, won’t you say there is still some confusion? Some BCCI members say the decision will be taken in the Annual General Meeting in September, while some say that’s due in the IPL Governing Council meeting on 2 August.
They must be talking about something different in September. I’m not aware.

What is the common position of the BCCI? There must be a consensus.
How can the BCCI take a common position? How can 30 members have one view? We will only know after the 2 August meeting.

So, it is entirely up to Srinivasan whether he wants to come back?
I think he has come back. I have heard so.



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