Southwest Monsoon embraces Kerala and other South West regions

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Annual monsoon rains have arrived at Kerala coast, on Friday. The rainfall this year came, five days later, than it usually begins in the state.

“Southwest Monsoon has set in over Kerala, today, 5 June, 2015, as against the normal date of 1 June,” the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

“It has further advanced into entire south Arabian Sea, some more parts of Central Arabian Sea, entire Lakshadweep area and Kerela, some parts of coastal and southern interior Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, remaning parts of southeast Bay of Bengal and some parts of central and northeast Bay of Bengal,” it said.

The government weather forecaster said that out of the 14 rainfall monitoring stations for monsoon onset over Kerala, more than 70% have reported rainfall higher than 2.5 mm for the last 48 hours.

This would mark the beginning of the June to September monsoon season which brings more than 70% of India’s annual rainfall. The IMD also informed that the monsoon is likely to advance into some more parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, some more parts of Rayalseema and coastal Andhra Pradesh, as well as northeastern states, in next 48 hours.

Though the normal date for the onset of monsoons over Kerala is June 1, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had earlier predicted that it will hit the southern state on May 30 this year, but later revised it to June 5, blaming its “sluggish” pace.

Last year too, monsoon was delayed and hit the Kerala coast, on June 6.


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