Sonam Kapoor speaks about break-ups, her first one was easy

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

In a one-minute online video, the Khoobsurat actress urges women who are scared to break-up, to just go ahead and do it. She opened up about relationships and says she’s glad she did it herself.

On Tuesday, the I Hate Love Story actress, who speaks her mind and was earlier reportedly dating director Punit Malhotra, tweeted a link to the video, where she was seen opening up about relationships and how one should break-up if someone or something isn’t making you happy.

“Break-ups are so liberating… The first one was easy. We were young, stupid and immature… Basically, what I am saying is that if you’re in a really messy relationship, break the f**k up.”

The online video ends on a cliffhanger. It reads, “Watch Sonam Kapoor spill the beans on her break-ups on September 18.”

The actress also said she is always in favour of letting go of bad things. “I’m always in favour of letting go of the bad things in one’s life; whether it’s relationships or bad habits. Why should anyone have to deal with things that make them unhappy? We all deserve better in our life,” she told IANS.


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