‘Socialist’, ‘Secular’ Missing from Preamble in AAP Govt’s ads


Constitution days AdsIn a Delhi government’s advertisements, on Thursday, the words ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’ were missing from the Preamble, triggering controversy on the Constitution Day.

Following the incident, Delhi government issued an apology for the error and ordered a probe to ascertain if any “mischief” was involved.

The AAP’s government published an ad to commemorate the adoption of Constitution. The English advertisements, which appeared in many major newspapers today, carried the text of Preamble, however, the two words were missing from the content.

“Delhi government apologizes for an error of missing words in its advertisement published in the English newspapers on the Constitution Day celebrations on Wednesday. The words, socialist and secular, are erroneously missing from the text published in the English advertisement,” the government said, in a statement.

“The Chief Minister has taken a stern view of the matter and directed the Director of Information and Publicity to conduct an inquiry and submit a report within four days,” the statement added.

It further added that, the Director has been asked to ascertain how such important components of the Preamble of the Constitution went missing from the text. “The inquiry will focus on whether some mischief was involved in this matter,” the statement added.


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