Smriti Irani, Congress spokesperson engage in open slugfest on Twitter


Smriti_IraniA war of words on social networking site, Twitter, broke out between Union HRD minister Smriti Irani and Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi, with the BJP leader taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi.

Interacting with another person, Chaturvedi said she “perceived threat to @smritiirani’s life gets Z sec, here I am struggling to get rape/death threat probed.”

Earlier, Chaturvedi, who was threatened by a Twitter user with rape and murder, wrote an article on NDTV favouring strict laws against cyber abuse. She claimed, “I was threatened with rape and murder after a BJP spokesperson silenced me on a TV debate.”

It began when columnist Shefali Vaidya questioned the standards between verbal attacks on a Congress spokesperson and Irani.

Not one to hold back, Irani replied by tweeting she doesn’t have ‘Z’ category security. Later, she deleted her words.

A verbal battle began which soon escalated into a slugfest, with personal barbs and political battles flowing here and there.

Stating she didn’t know the working of home ministry, Chaturvedi tweeted, “I presume no security at all then @smritiirani ?.”

Irani replied by asking Chaturvedi, “Why are you so interested in my security? Planning anything?”

Replying soon, Chaturvedi tweeted, “Not worth my time, so don’t worry on that front @smritiirani, you must concentrate on creating another campus ruckus.”

“That’s more Rahulji’s forte. Oh wait, losing Assam is. Have a good day,” Irani hit back.