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A Help in Need

how of many us are ready to help road accidents victims when we see one happen? The likely answer, probably none. Meet professor NaNavin,vin, a faculty at Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, who is trained in basic trauma life support program. He has been helping road accident victims. He has saved many lives, including a young man in West Delhi recently, according to a report in

As many as 400 people die in road accident daily in our country. According to the Law Commission of India, 50 percent of these deaths can be averted if the victims receive immediate medical care. People like professor Navin are very hard to find as average layperson refrain from helping victims for fear of legal hassle coupled with lack of training in handling such cases.

kinchankaniRead Riding Hood Never Say

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask, why? I dream of things that never were, and ask, why not?” This famous quote by Robert F Kennedy fits perfectly in the case of Somy Solomon, a girl from Kerala whose dream of setting up a library-cum learning centre in Kichangani, a small village some 35 kms away from the city of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, is on its way to reality. The remote village in Tanzania doesn’t even get any newspapers or books of its own.

Kichankani Library is a social-media driven initiative which started with a Facebook post. The initiative has received tremendous response with donations in the form of cds, books, song books, etc, from all over Kerala and the Middle East. Solomon moved to Tanzania with her husband who works at a hotel.

Nirnay-John-ChhetriCrusader to the core

Frantic telephone calls at midnight, visits to police stations and disarrayed homes make up for a usual day for Nirnay John Chhetri. He is the founder of marg (Mankind in Action for Rural Growth), an ngo that has been fighting tooth and nail against trafficking of girls from the hills of Darjeeling. Till date, MARG has rescued at least 150 girls. Nirnay’s crusade started with his first visit to a brothel in Kolkata, which had taken place due to sheer peer pressure. Once he saw the condition of the girls there, he made up his mind to help them. “I still remember the feeling of disgust and revulsion I felt,” says Nirnay. Nirnay’s campaign has helped people come up with reports of such incidences which were hitherto kept under wraps.

Father-SebastianNever say never

Father Sebastian a Catholic priest from Kottayam in Kerala has proved that humanity knows no religion. He met ailing Rasad Mohammed from Alapuzzha during a bus journey. Rasad urgently needed a kidney transplant. His parents were diabetic and hence were not able to donate. Just when he was losing hope, he met his ‘saviour’ in a bus. When Sebastian found out about Rasad’s problem, he offered one of his kidneys to the man he had never known before. Well-informed about the medical possibility of surviving with just one kidney, Sebastian had decided to donate his organ. He hopes that his story will inspire people. “Religion never came to my mind when I wanted to help Rasad. The only thought I had, were of love, peace, brotherhood and humanism,” he says.




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