‘Skype fling, don’t mean a thing’


No connection like a love connection. Peter Kaapi has just the song to give you that online feeling

Broadband call Chennai-based band Peter Kaapi belting out Internet Lovin’
Broadband call Chennai-based band Peter Kaapi belting out Internet Lovin’

IF YOU are excited about your new Internet romance or bored by all those online dates that didn’t quite go anywhere, your friends may not sympathise. Let’s be honest, you haven’t told your friends that you were trawling for love online anyway. But Chennai band Peter Kaapi (Sofia Ashraf and Parthan Vishvanathan) have a frankly adorable parody of Summer Nights on YouTube that will shake off your blues. Watch them and know that you are not alone.

Internetlovin’ had me a blast
Internetlovin’, the connection was fast

I met a girl, Cutie83
I met a guy, ASL please

GTalk days wasting away But,
sure beats porn right?

Oh well oh well oh well oh well, Tell me more, tell me more Did she send you a pic?
Tell me more, tell me more How big is his…friend’s list?

Uh huh…uh huh…uh huh…. Got on Facebook, she added me,
He sent 80 requests, I had to agree,

She sent me jokes, they were dirty
He tried to poke me, XD XD

Facebook fun, something’s begun But,
sure beats Farmville right?

[vsw id=”IX6bFRX4oPE” source=”youtube” width=”320″ height=”260″ autoplay=”no”]

Oh well oh well oh well oh,
Tell me more tell me more Did you meet up on Skype?

Tell me more, tell me more What’sher display pic like?
Uh huh…uh huh…uh huh….

Saw her naked on the webcam
He tweeted about how cute I am,

She shaves too, if you know where…
He likes the way I wear my hair.

Skype fling, don’t mean a thing, But,
sure beats actual dates right? He got creepy, that’s where it ends.

I got bored, said let’s just be friends
I blocked him, from my profile

I stopped writing on her wall Facebook dreams, ripped at the seams, But…
I think I’ll check out 4squarenow!

Illustration: Vikram Nongmaithem


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