Singh Is Bliing Review: Prabhudeva’s nonsensical desi takes on a Korean hit

Singh Is Bliing, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
Singh is Bliing poster

First of all, the film is not a sequel to Singh is Kinng, and can easily be categorised as a “full on entertainment” film which contains no logic, no expectation, no realism, but has on offer, endless giggles. The funny man, Akshay Kumar, acts a kind hearted man who has a lot of respect for women.

The opening parts include a dog dressed as a lion, a lion on a leash, talking cows,  dancing camel, and many other silly antics; it’s humour bordering on the absurd.

Akshay plays Raftaar Singh who is a good-for-nothing guy, who lives cheerfully, and does nothing for a living. As his father cannot bear his stupidity anymore, Raftaar is given two choices- to marry an overweight village girl, or leave home and work in Goa, under a friend of his father’s.

He did what any other wise person would do – he decided to go to Goa. Upon reaching Goa, Raftaar is given a job of looking after the gorgeous Sara (Amy Jackson), who is an arms dealer’s daughter from Romania. Raftar cannot speak English, and Sara doesn’t speak Hindi. To bridge the gap, enters Lara Dutta as translator, Emily, who takes on a distinctly mischievous personality, trying to turn the situation to her own advantage. A lot of the humour revolves around the translator’s deliberate subversion of conversations, leading to all sorts of foolish misunderstandings. Apart from her comically structured character, Lara Dutt doesn’t do much for the film. Her character lacks any humour or pazzaz.

In the meantime, Raaftar starts developing an interest in Sara and Sara reciprocates his feelings. What could be the reason behind the lead characters falling in love with each other, apart from being the stereotypical Bollywood storyline, you wonder; Sara is an action queen, acting as Raftaar’s ‘dame in shining armour’, essentially taking on Raftaar’s job. Does it make any sort of remote sense? The answer, is a big ‘No’.

And the confusion doesn’t end here, in this typical Prabhudeva non-sensical laugh-fest. The climax of the film sees Raftaar strike down a bunch of opposition, which is reminiscent of the beating received by a 100 odd men in the film Magadheera’s climax; here, however, Raftaar manages to finally kill the antognist – mafia don Mark (Kay Kay Menon).

Whether written or copied, apart from some gags in Punjab and a few funny antics performed by animals, the entire film almost seems like a copy of the 2006 Korean film ‘My Wife Is A Gangster 3’. So if you have, by any chance, watched the Korean original, then save your money, and spend it elsewhere, for “Singh Is Bliing” is most definitely not worth it. The film does not have an exceptional plot, and deliberately refuses to make much sense. You are better off saving yourself from this comic disaster.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta, Kay Kay Menon, Rati Agnihotri, Yograj Singh, Anil Mange, Arfi Lamba, Kunal Kapoor

Director: Prabhudheva


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