Arijit’s public apology to Salman on Facebook too much?

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Popular singer Arijit Singh has gone out of the way to say sorry to superstar Salman Khan apparently for a misunderstanding. The singer took to his official Facebook page to publicly apologize to Khan after the latter got his song removed from the upcoming movie Sultan. The post was soon deleted as Arijit feared a backlash.

According to reports, it seems there has been a rift between the duo for the past few months and Khan has cut off Arijit from all his projects. In the letter, Arijit desperately explained how he had been trying to reach out to Khan and extend apology for offending the latter in a show. He begged Khan to retain his song in the movie as he was a big fan and wanted to “retire with at least one song of you [Salman] keeping in my library.”

Arijit Singh's open letter to Salman Khan
Arijit Singh’s open letter to Salman Khan

After deleting the letter, Arijit wrote another post that read, “I hope he gets my letter through someway. Ps. This whole thing will backfire at me I know. Prayers..[sic]”

The post has evoked varied sentiments on social media. While some called it a publicity gimmick others were more supportive of Arijit.

The trailer of Salman’s latest venture, Sultan, released on May 24. The movie is scheduled for release on Eid this year.