Shotgun defends party colleague, belittles PM Narendra Modi


shatrughan-sinhaBJP MP Shatrughan Sinha, on 18 November, defended his colleague RK Singh, and said that, none in the party had the guts to reprimand them. He also asserted no one had the guts or DNA to tick him off, in an apparent dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sinha tweeted, “That Singh is a tough nut to crack is right. No one has the guts (or DNA) to give us a ‘fatkaar’.” 

Sinha has been critical of BJP since Bihar poll campaign took off but had been so far guarded in his attack on the top brass, bringing instead the state leadership in his line of fire.

It may be noted party general secretary Ramlal had summoned Singh for his anti-party remarks that BJP gave tickets to criminals in Bihar.

The old guard and the new blood in the BJP have been at loggerheads for quite some time. Without directly naming Modi and party president Amit Shah for being responsible for the Bihar debacle, the party veterans indirectly said as much.

In another tweet, Sinha said, “Those responsible for the defeat must speak out why, where, what, and how it all happened. The time is for reaction, understanding, apology and satisfaction of BJP godfathers. Some vested interests are still at it…refusing to learn lessons, still working on creating misunderstandings.”

Despite being named BJP’s star campaigner, Sinha and leaders such as LK Advani and MM Joshi were not seen campaigning in Bihar.

“I wasn’t given an opportunity to campaign in Bihar even though I have a large support base,” said Sinha. He went on to add that, “Despite my best efforts, Bihari Babu was kept away from campaigning. My friends, voters and supporters were let down. I am not a Rajya Sabha MP. I’ve come with the support of masses and won two Lok Sabha polls with record margin. I have a support base!”

Earlier, Sinha tweeted, saying that, “Participation of my friends, fans, voters and supporters would have made a difference. Nonetheless, now that the verdict is out and we are saddened by this humiliating defeat, why run away from affixing responsibility?”


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