Shoot-at-sight orders at IAF bases in Western sector

Security forces on high alert  at the IAF base in Pathankot
Security forces on high alert at the IAF base in Pathankot

After the Pathankot attack, the Indian Air force has issued shoot-at-sight orders against anybody who seems to attempt scaling walls of bases under sensitive Western Air Command.

According to a senior IAF officer, all the bases have been put on ‘high alert’ in the Western Air Command, in case of any attempt of unauthorized access by anyone. He said that the NIA was investigating this angle but a preliminary probe by IAF has not as of now found anything to substantiate the suspicion. He described the Pathankot attack as a learning experience in the process of finalizing a Rs 8,000-crore comprehensive security proposal for its 54 main flying bases in the country.

As per the officer, such proposals were already in pipeline and due to financial constraints we are doing it in a phased manner, with the initial focus to protect the main assets and then move to the perimeter wall. He also said that government told the IAF that there will be no financial trouble for all these works.

Two teams from Directorate of AIR Staff carried out the audit of 950 flying and non-flying establishments. The IAF has asked to strictly impose the ban against construction within 100 metres of any air base within 900 metres of its ammunition depot.

According to media reports, union home minister Rajnath Singh also stressed over the issue and said that for India, the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and Pathankot terror attacks have signified a tectonic shift. The terror attacks in India reportedly come from Pakistan and some sincere and concrete steps must be taken to rein in the various terror groups.