‘Shivraj Chouhan is becoming known for making false promises’

Photo: Naveesh Tejpal
Photo: Naveesh Tejpal


Shivraj Singh Chouhan has ridiculed Rahul Gandhi for harping on the sacrifices his family has made for the people. What is your response?

I don’t expect anything else from the CM. Instead of replying to what Rahul Gandhi has pointed out as the wrongs done by his government, he is resorting to mere rhetoric.

The BJP is confident of making a hat-trick…

Of late, Shivraj has come to be known as someone who makes false promises. When the BJP first came to power, they asked for a year to resolve the power crisis. Ten years later, the situation is equally bad, if not worse. Each BPL family is supposed to get 35 kg of foodgrain; I’m yet to see one district where people say that they are getting more than 20 kg. You have schools but no teachers, hospitals but no doctors.

What about the charges of infighting within the Congress?

At the Karyakarta Mahakumbh in Bhopal, Narendra Modi and LK Advani were supposed to be on stage together. They were together alright, but you saw how Advani turned his face when Modi touched his feet. We also had differences, but thanks to Rahul Gandhi we are a strong unit now.

Ticket distribution has always let the Congress down. Is it any different this time?

Earlier those who proposed names for tickets were not held peronally accountable. That has changed. Rahul Gandhi has made sure that every proposal will be accounted for and we will all have to answer post election to the Congress leadership.

Why have you not named a CM candidate?

The Congress always announces a CM only after election results are declared. Whenever we have diverted from this, the results have not been in our favour.



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